Frequently Asked Questions


When can I register for a course?

You may register for a course as soon as the Registration period opens per the academic calendar, found at this link:

Is there a registration deadline?

It normally takes 2-3 business days to process a registration request, so the deadlines are determined by the course start dates.  Many of the courses do start at the beginning of the semester, but some do start in the middle or later part of the semester.

Payment & Financing

When do I have to pay for my class?

Your payment is due before you can be officially registered for a course.  If you prefer not to pay the entire amount before the course starts, the Business Office offers a Tuition Installment Plan. Payments are scheduled at certain times throughout the semester and there is a $45.00 set-up fee. See information here. In addition, you may also be able to take advantage of Regent's Tuition Deferral Program if you have employer tuition benefits. See information here.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, check (U.S. bank), Mastercard, American Express, VISA, and Discover.

Are Professional Development courses eligible for federal aid or military benefits?

No, they are not eligible for federal aid or military benefits since they are considered non-degree status.

What is GENISYS?

Genisys is Regent University's Student Information System. Genisys consists of a public information area containing course schedules and descriptions, financial aid, admissions, and contact information. It also contains a secure area where prospective students can apply online, and current students can register, view accounts and pay bills, check grades and transcripts, and update personal information. In addition, Regent alumni can manage contact information, search job postings, and communicate with classmates.

How can I get a refund?

Your submission or signature on your registration form indicated that you agreed to be registered for the course(s) and that you take full financial responsibility unless a written request to withdraw is received seven days after the start date of the course(s) and the written request is granted by the Dean. If you decide to withdraw from any course(s), you must let me know in writing (email is sufficient) at

How do I get a receipt for my payment?

You can print a receipt for payment from your GENISYS account.  If you need an official receipt for submission to a third party, such as a school district, for reimbursement purposes, you may:

  • Visit the Business Office, located on the first floor of the Administration building, or
  • Email to receive an electronic copy of your receipt via email.  Please include in your email to the Business Office your full name, payment amount, course name and course number, and which semester you took the course.

How do I get a transcript?

Here are the methods you can choose from to get your grades/transcripts:

Unofficial Transcript: 

  1. Using your Regent user id and password, (contact the Help Desk at 757-352-4076 if you do not know them), login to GENISYS here
  2. Click on the “Student Services and Financial Aid” tab.
  3. Select “Student Records”.
  4. You will see “Academic Transcript,” which will contain your transcript.

Official Transcript: Go here:

Course Information

Are all courses from School of Education degree programs open to me as a Professional Development student?

Students may take the majority of our master's level coursework. Please note, however that the following programs are closed to Professional Development students: B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies (Elementary Education), M.Ed. Career Switcher, M.Ed. Elementary Education, M.Ed. Student Affairs ,All Ed.D. programs ,All Ph.D. programs and Off-campus programs.

How do I know if a course will meet my licensure renewal requirement?

Students should find the course descriptions in the course catalog and send that information to their licensure official to verify that it will meet specific licensure requirements before enrolling in a course.

I am a teacher with a Baccalaureate teacher's license- what courses can I take?

A minimum of 90 points (three semester hours in a content area-see below) in the license holder's endorsement area(s) shall be required of license holders without a master's degree and may be satisfied with undergraduate or graduate-level course work completed at a two-year or four-year regionally accredited college or university.

I am a teacher with a Master's teacher's license- what courses can I take?

License holders with a master's degree may take undergraduate or graduate-level course work from a regionally accredited two-year or four-year college or university within or outside of the license holder's endorsement area(s) that meet the criteria of the Domains of Professional Competency.

What is content area coursework?

Content area courses are courses at the undergraduate level (two-year or four-year regionally accredited college or university) or at the graduate level that will not duplicate previous courses taken in the humanities, history and social science, the sciences, mathematics, health and physical education, and the fine arts. These courses are usually available through the college or department of arts and sciences. License holders with an elementary endorsement may satisfy the requirement by taking an academic content course in English, social sciences, mathematics, sciences, fine arts, and/or health and physical education. A grade-level endorsement requires course work in the major academic content areas of the endorsement. License holders with an endorsement and/or current teaching assignment in the areas of history and the social sciences may satisfy the content requirement by taking an academic content course in history or any of the related social science disciplines (geography, anthropology, psychology, political science, economics, and sociology). License holders in English may satisfy the content requirement by taking an academic content course in English, literature, journalism, theatre arts, and/or speech. A subject-specific endorsement requires course work in the academic content area indicated by the endorsement or a related subject area.

I have completed the TESOL PreK-12 Certificate. How do I add the endorsement to my license?

View steps to add the ESL Endorsement to a current teaching license.

Are all the courses online or are any offered face-to-face on the campus?

You can see the course format – INTERNET or on-campus, on the course schedule.  The majority of the courses are offered online, but there are a few face-to-face classes offered every semester, with most of them offered in the face-to-face format during the summer semester.

Who will be in my course– other Professional Development students or degree-seeking students?

Professional Development courses are “cross-listed” with the regular degree seeking courses, so you will have both types of students in your courses.

How do I find information about my instructor’s professional background?

Go to the Faculty link on the School of Education website to see contact information and resumes.

Will my Professional Development courses transfer into all degree-seeking programs at the School of Education? 

If the course is listed in the course sequence of the desired degree program, it will transfer in as long as you received a grade of B or better.

Can I transfer my nine Professional Development credits as well as coursework taken at other institutions into a degree-seeking program at the School of Education?

Please see our transfer policy for the total number of credits (including Professional Development courses taken at the School of Education. 

What is the online orientation course and why do I have to take it?

The EDUC/GSAS 500 Online Orientation course is a self-paced online course designed to orient you with the basics of taking an online course within the Blackboard web-based learning platform at Regent. It is recommended that you pass this course before starting your Professional Development course.  Most students take about 3 hours to complete the course and they may do so on their own schedule.  This course is a 0 credit course and is pass/fail.  If you do not pass the course during the semester in which you are enrolled, you must register and pay for it again in a following semester.

What is Library orientation and do I have to take it?

The UNIV LIB is optional for Professional Development students and mandatory if you are a degree-seeking student.  If you have never conducted library research or it has been a long time since you were a student, you may consider adding this course since most of your courses here at the School of Education require research paper submission.  To add this course during the registration process, list it as UNIV LIB Library Information, Research & Resources on either the online or paper registration form.

The course is presented using the Blackboard course delivery software and is only available online. It is a non-credit, pass/fail course and should be taken during your first year as a student. As with the online orientation course, this course is $50.00.

Course Description: In this exploding age of information, it is the objective of the library faculty to prepare Regent graduates to be on the cutting edge of information technology. Information literacy is the ability to effectively access information for problem solving and decision making. Thus, the knowledge and abilities you glean from this course will open doors to lifelong learning. It is imperative for graduate study research.

Why do I have to use the Regent email address?

Although your registration process was completed using the email you provided on the registration form, Regent University policy is for professors to communicate with their students using your assigned Regent email address, which is created by your Regent user

I have taken a course or completed the maximum of 9 Professional Development credits and I now am interested in applying to a degree program.  What is my next step?

You can start your application to a degree-seeking program while you are a Professional Development student.  The School of Education operates on a rolling admissions basis, which means that students may apply at any time.  Once an admissions file is complete, an admissions decision is made.  When you accept an admissions decision to become a “regular” student, you are ineligible to take Professional Development courses.   If you are accepted while you are a Continuing Education student, you may defer your acceptance to a future semester in order to maximize the number of Professional Development courses you may take – up to 9 credits.

Where do I find my textbooks so I know how much to budget for them?

The bookstore now rents textbooks for 10%-50% of the cost of buying them! You can see the required textbook(s) for all your courses at this link:  ( You will need your course code, GSAS, and your course number, for example, GSAS 552, to find your textbooks.

I’ve never taken an online course – how will I fit it into my busy life?

Many of our students had similar concerns before they came to Regent but they found that with good organizational skills, they were able to work full-time and take online graduate-level coursework.  For more information about online learning, please see

Regent University Top 25 Best Online Grad Programs

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