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Writing in Science

Jun 16-Aug 9, 2014


In the science classroom, writing is much more than an exercise for students to document their steps during an investigation. It's an important vehicle for describing their thought processes and the evidence that supports their reasoning. Writing in Science will show you how to encourage students to grow as scientists and writers by moving beyond recounting how they completed their work and toward explaining what they learned. And best of all, you will receive free lesson ideas and materials! (Open to K-8 teachers) Register Now

Participants will:

  • Receive over $75 in FREE materials and lesson plans
  • Learn new science strategies for K-8 grades
  • Discover new ways to enhance your students critical thinking skills
  • Create activities for use in the classroom
  • Earn 10 license renewal points
  • Earn 1 graduate credit (30 license renewal points) through the School of Education for a reduced tuition of $200

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