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Reasoning and Sense Making in Geometry

Feb 8 & 22, 2014 (in person) | Feb 24-Mar 22, 2014 (online)

Classically, geometry has been the subject in which students encounter mathematical proof based on formal deduction. Attention to proof in the geometry curriculum is strengthened by a focus on reasoning and sense making. Four key elements (conjecturing, construction, and evaluation of geometric arguments and geometric approaches) will be examined. (grade level focus - secondary math) Register Now

Participants will:

  • Receive over $50 in FREE materials
  • Learn new strategies to teach Geometry
  • Discover new ways to enhance your students critical thinking skills
  • Create activities for use in the classroom
  • Earn 10 license renewal points
  • Earn 1 graduate credit (30 license renewal points) through the School of Education for a reduced tuition of $200

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