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Connecting Music and Mathematical Literacy

Jun 25 & 26 (on campus) | Jun 27-Jul 30 (online)

Come join the wonderful world of math through music! Explore exciting and fun ways to teach math concepts through songs, games and movement. Participants will learn the importance of integrating right brain learning skills of music into the left brained world of math while having FUN! Participants will have a treasure trove of materials and memories to take back to their classrooms to share with their students and create new avenues of learning. (Open to K-5 teachers) Register Now

Participants will:

  • Receive over $75 in FREE materials and lesson plans
  • Learn new strategies to teach math for K-5 grades
  • Discover new ways to enhance your students critical thinking skills
  • Create activities for use in the classroom
  • Earn 10 license renewal points
  • Earn 1 graduate credit (30 license renewal points) through the School of Education for a reduced tuition of $200

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