K-12 Special Education (M.Ed.) -

Steps to Upgrading Current Virginia License

(For students already employed by a Virginia school division.)

  1. Contact your employing Virginia school division to determine their process for initiating an upgrade to your license. Every school division functions a little different in their procedure.
  2. Submit official Regent University transcript (with degree posted) to your employing school division. If you have already submitted a graduation application, then the registrar’s office will automatically mail you 1 complimentary transcript to your address after your degree has been conferred. You can use one of those to submit to your school division for this upgrade. If by chance you need additional transcripts, you may request an official transcript from the following website: http://www.regent.edu/admin/registrar/transcripts.cfm. However, please confirm that your degree has been posted before requesting a transcript. It may not be usable if you request this too early. The best scenario is to wait for your package that comes from the registrar’s office upon degree certification. If you have not already submitted the graduation application, please submit using the following website: http://www.regent.edu/admin/registrar/DegreeClearance.cfm
  3. Submit the appropriate fee to your employing school division to:
    • have the endorsement(s) added to your current Virginia license, and
    • to upgrade the degree level on the license from a Collegiate Professional (bachelor’s) to a Postgraduate Professional (master’s, specialist, doctoral).
    A certified check, cashier’s check, personal check or money order made payable to the Treasurer of Virginia. The fee is $25 for each process, so a total of $50 if you are adding the endorsement AND advancing the degree level. You may verify the fee with your school division.
  4. Submit the College Verification Form in which you complete Part I only. Parts II and III will be completed by the Certification/Licensure Official (Kenyetta Veal). The verification form can be accessed from within the following application: http://www.doe.virginia.gov/teaching/licensure/application.pdf. You can mail or fax the form with your portion, (Part I) completed to the attention of:

    Kenyetta L. Veal
    School of Education at Regent University
    1000 Regent University Drive – ADM 266
    Virginia Beach, VA 23464
    FAX: 757-352-4147

    The College Verification Form will be returned to your attention. Once you receive the completed form, submit it to your employing school division. **In some cases, your school division may choose to send the College Verification Form directly to my attention after you have begun the process with their office, in which case I will complete the form and return it directly to the school division.
  5. If applicable, documentation of official passing scores for the Virginia Communication and Literacy Assessment, Praxis II, Reading for Virginia Educators (RVE) Assessment, and Child Abuse and Neglect Training Certificate must be provided to your employing school division if you have not already done so. **As a reminder, please remember to list Regent University as a score recipient when registering to take the RVE and VCLA with National Evaluation Services (NES) or Praxis with Educational Testing Services (ETS) so that we receive your official score report. Our school code with ETS is #5135. Listing Regent University as a score recipient during the time of registering for the test prevents you from having to pay an additional fee if you make the request at a later time. We must have the official score report from the testing company and not only an unofficial copy.

If you are an out-of-state student in the program with an out-of-state license, please contact the appropriate Department of Education agency in that state to verify their state’s procedures. Most states have an institutional or college verification form similar to Virginia’s. You may have this form sent to my attention below and I will complete it for you once you have successfully completed the program.

Should you have any further questions about this process, please contact the designated certification/licensure official, Kenyetta L. Veal at kenyvea@regent.edu, 757-352-4873 or 888-713-1595.