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International Symposium
The ISDB is a co-sponsor of the second International Symposium on Euthanasia & Assisted Suicide, to be held in Washington DC on May 29-30, 2009. The conference theme is Never Again. Dr. Mostert will be a keynote speaker along with a host of national and international experts on assisted suicide and euthanasia.

Tanzania Update
Operation Blessing International has procured a shipment of sunscreen for Tanzanians with albinism. The shipment will be delivered to the Government of Tanzania soon.

United Nations
Ongoing consultations with UN member-country delegations on disability and bioethical-related issues, especially around the UN's new Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Ongoing planning in conjunction with Kabarak University, Nakuru, to design and implement teacher training courses in special education. This will make available, for the first time, special education teacher training in western Kenya.

Working with the Federation of Disability Organizations in Malawi (FEDOMA, the Malawian umbrella disability organization) on grant preparation to fund a project translating the UN's new Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities into Braille in all 13 Malawian languages.

Designed and launched Chiwaula disABILITY Blog, the FEDOMA blog site managed by Mussa Chiwaula, Executive Director of FEDOMA.

ISDB partnership with the Tanzanian Government through Hon. Ms. Al-Shaymaa John Kwegyir, Tanzanian member of parliament, as well as Operation Blessing International, to deliver sunscreen to Tanzanians with Albinism.

South Africa
Working with Freedom School, Johannesburg, to secure funding for a netball court and soccer field for the school's 300+ children living in an adjoining squatter camp. The majority of the children are HIV positive.

Bringing on board an ISDB associate blogger, Tony Kazow, a disability activist and educator. Tony, completely paralyzed except for a few facial and breathing muscles, is terminally ill with motor neuron disease.

Addition of an exciting new forum: Through Their Eyes, where people with, or living close to others with disabilities, can tell their story to the world about living with disability.

Dr. Mark Mostert recorded a major interview with Dr. Deborah Strong, a disability activist working with people with disabilities in Nepal.
ISDB. To view the interview, please click here

Dr. Mostert is organizing a seminar series related to Inter-Faith perceptions of disability related to bioethics.

Dr. Mostert is organizing a roster of ISDB Associate Scholars to comment on disability/bioethical issues. Commentaries to be published under auspices of ISDB.

Design and launching of the entire Useless Eaters Website to YouTube.
Design and launching Dr. Deborah Strong's interview on YouTube.

Design and launching of the ISDB's own Facebook page on the web.

Design and launching of a major Wikipedia entry on the ISDB.