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Institute for the Study of Disability and Bioethics

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About the Institute

A key issue in the new century is how we perceive and relate to people who are different than ourselves. In the US, there are approximately 60 million people with some form of identifiable disability. Worldwide, more than 650 million people have a disability. These disabilities may be severe or mild, visible or invisible, as well as physical, psychological, or intellectual. Significant numbers of people with disabilities have more than one disability.

Medical and other scientific advances have improved the lives of people with disabilities in many ways. Rapid advances in genetic and other research mean that we now know more about what causes many disabilities than ever before.
However, progress raises significant ethical and moral challenges. In many ways, the rapid advances of science and technology have outstripped our capacity to carefully consider positive and negative outcomes.

The ISDB seeks to address these ethical and moral issues as they relate to people with disabilities.