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Dissertation Abstracts - K12 School Leadership Concentration

This page offers a list of Dissertations completed by students in the K12 School Leadership Concentration. Click on the dissertation title to view the abstract.

Daniel J. Miani

An Investigation of Catholic School Educators' Perceptions of the Influence of the Catholic Identity on Promoting and Modeling Digital Citizenship

Melissa M. Edmonds

Identifying Gifted Minorities Using Nonverbal Tests: The Cognitive Abilities Test, Form 7, Versus the Naglieri Nonverbal Abilities Test, Second Edition

Laura Beth Szupinka

Algebra I Academic Performance and Achievement:
A Correlational Study

Sara Lockett

Navigating Principal Preparation in the 21st Century: Examining the Predictive Validity of Critical Thinking

Naomi Wayne Ludwig

Exploring the Relationship Between K-12 Public School Teachers' Conceptions of Assessment and Their Classroom Assessment Confidence Levels

Christopher Phillips

Principals' Perceived Value of Data and Principals' Perceived Competency of Data Use in a Rural School Division

Wanda J. McNair

Promoting the Academic Achievement of African American Males: The Achievers Model for Systemic Change of K-12 Educational Programs and Services

Cheryl Cessna Askew

An investigation of the perceptions of teacher and principals of PLC implementation in the high schools of a large suburban school district

Marya Bland

Education for committed leadership: The correlation between Bible College institutional culture and student commitment to the religious organization

Carolyn L. Hoggard-Williams

A Survey Study to Investigate Educactors' Perceptions of Superintendents' Leadership Practices and School District Performance

Shauna Mayo

Teaching Students About Bullying: Improving Social Skills Through Education

Patrick David Fraine

A Mixed-methods Sequential Explanatory Study: Elementary Principals' Perceptions of the Impact of the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System Testing Culture on the Six Conditions for Effective Learning in Schools

John Wills Hatcher, III

The African-American Adolescent Male Identity Development Crisis: A Mixed-Methods Design Exploring the Relationship between Ethnic Identity Development Status and Student Achievement

Ricardo Rodrequiez Quinn

The Effect of Elementary Principals' Self-Perceived Instructional Leadership Behaviors on Reading and Math Student Achievement

Henrietta Singleton

An Early/Middle College High School Case Study: How Graduates Perceive Their Experiences as Contributing to Their Academic Success and College Preparedness

Tonia M. Taylor

The Ascendancy of African-American Males to the Superintendency in the Commonwealth of Virginia: An Interpretative Phenomenological Study

Patricia T. Edwards

Eighth-grade Students' Perceptions of School Climate Based on School Diversity, Ethnicity, Educational Category, Socioeconomic Status, and Achievement

Gary Maestas

A Quantitative Study of the Reading First Initiative Teacher Training Program in Reducing Student Referrals for Special Education Services

April Yetsko

Predictors of Reading and Math Academic Success in Pennsylvania Charter Schools

Dianne B. Steinbeck

Mentoring and Servant Leadership in a K-12 Public School System

Catherine Chatmon

Exploring Gender Disparity in College Aptitude Among Christian College Students From Three School Settings

Traci Duck

A grounded theory approach: Deriving leadership behaviors and practices of effective Caucasian principals who lead predominantly at-risk, African-American schools

Tera Simmons

The Effect of Faculty-Student Interaction on the Relationship Between Student Mentoring and Student Success of Adult Learners in an Online Doctoral Program

Adian Thomason

A Correlational Study of Middle School Principals' Perceived Self-efficacy and the Perceived Achievement of Gifted Curriculum and Instruction Standards in Their Schools

Alice Ledford
A Study of Teachers' Efficacy for Teaching Character Education
Sandra Curry
Examining the Relationship Between Self-Perceived Emotional Intelligence and Leadership in School Principals
David Ndaayezwi
Parental Involvement: The Effect of Home Visits on Academic Achievement, Discipline, and Attendance of High-school Students in Three Public Schools in Georgia