The Secret Kingdom for Educators

Dr. Alan Arroyo
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Dr. Campo, President & Dr. Arroyo, School of Educaiton Dean
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Ten professors from Regent University collaborated on The Secret Kingdom for Educators. This book expands on Dr. Pat Robertson’s book, The Secret Kingdom: Your Path to Peace, Love, and Financial Security, to help educators tap into the kingdom of God as they go about their day-to-day activities as teachers and leaders in public, private, or home-school settings. The book investigates the Secret Kingdom laws and principles and how they operate regardless of whether one knows about them or not. Each law (of Use, Reciprocity, Perseverance, Fidelity, Unity, Change, Greatness, Responsibility, Miracles and Dominion) is defined and explained through true stories, case studies, research based practices, and historical information. The book culminates with practical application to provide strategies that can be easily implemented in any setting to benefit all students. 

Each chapter of the book was authored by Regent's SOE faculty. In addition to Arroyo and Jordan, chapter authors include: Dr. John Hanes, Dr. James Swezey, Dr. William Cox, Dr. George Selig, Dr. Joan Johnson, Dr. Don Finn, Dr. Elizabeth Hunter and Dr. Helen Stiff-Williams. Regent SOE faculty members are a very diverse group with regard to scholarship and faith perspectives," Jordan said. "This provides a base for information that reaches a broad-based audience both academically and spiritually."

"The authors come from diverse backgrounds and offer different applications to the kingdom laws yet stay true to Chancellor Robertson's original work," Arroyo adds. "We have all used the principles in some way during our tenure at Regent and believe that we all have the 'mind of Christ' in this matter."

Sample Chapter Topics Include:

  • Tapping Into the Power of God’s Invisible World: Alan Arroyo
  • The Law of Fidelity: George Selig
  • The Law of Unity: Joan Johnson
  • The Law of Responsibility: Don Finn

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