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Marketing Request Quick Tips

For faster marketing materials completion:

  • The most important tip is to order your marketing materials well in advance of when you need them. The average ordering time you need is six weeks before your first ad is to run or you want a piece to deliver.
  • The second important tip is to have your copy points ready when you place your order. Your copy does not have to be perfect. We just need the facts about the event or program, and some points you want highlighted in your piece. Job requests opened without copy will most likely need an additional two weeks added to the delivery date or run date for advertising.
  • One of the advantages to using the online ordering forms is that you no longer need to design anything in Word, PowerPoint, etc. In fact, pre-designing materials is now unproductive, since there are now pre-approved Education templates for in-house jobs and Marketing creates all their materials in advanced, professional design applications that we do not have. Therefore, any pre-designed materials have to be pulled apart, copied, and pasted into Word with little formatting. So, instead of designing a piece, just send copy with minimum formatting in Word via one of the Job Request Forms.
  • Photography—you may need a portrait sitting, photos of speakers or key people, or specialized photography for one of your pieces. Selecting photography is the greatest time consumer when creating a marketing piece. If you need a photo shoot or a search of stock photography, you will need to plan even further in advance for your piece to be completed on time (add two weeks minimum). Also, do not copy photography from websites to be used in printed pieces. The low-resolution of these photographs makes for a low-quality, unprofessional look. Instead, plan in advance to obtain the high-resolution photography you need.