Course Evaluation System - Faculty Access Instructions

Use the directions below to access the course evaluation system and view current and previous semester reports. If you have questions or problems, please contact the IT Help Desk at


Go to the survey system website at


Enter your MyRegent ID and password (the same ones you use to login to MyRegent Portal or Blackboard).


Use the appropriate link to access evaluations for semesters between Spring 1999-Summer 2009 or Fall 2009-later.


Click on Class Evaluation Results.


You will see Step One: Choose a View. You should only have one option-Professor view. Click the Step Two button.


Step Two allows you to define the scope of your selections. You can choose the Course, Semester, and Year subsets you wish to view.

Course Subset - Allows you to view the results from All Courses or from an individual course you select.

Semester Subset - Allows you to view the results from All Semesters or from an individual semester you select.

Year Subset - Allows you to view the results from All Years or from an individual year you select.


After you've made your selections, click the Step Three button.


Step Three allows you to choose the reporting format you'd like to view.

Benchmark Graph - This graph shows the percentage of students answering "Agree" or "Strongly Agree" to each question.

Distribution Report - This tabular report shows the details and totals for all answers for each question within the subset.

Open Question Texts - This is a listing of the exact text that students entered for each open-ended question.

Pie Chart - This report is designed to show the answers to any multiple choice questions as percentages of the total, but the current survey design does not include any multiple choice, so this reporting option is not used.


Click the Show Report button beneath whichever report format you wish to view. The results will be displayed in the right 2/3's of the screen.


To print a report, follow the steps below:

  • With the report showing in the right 2/3's of your screen, click your mouse somewhere within the text of the report (that will select the correct frame for printing).
  • Go to File, Print, then check the Print Frames section to make sure "Only the Selected Frame" is checked, click OK.
    Repeat for each report you wish to print.


Use the Change Scope button to change the report parameters.


Use the Main Menu link to return to the main menu.


There is no "Log Out" or "Exit" buttons, so simply close your browser when done.


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