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  • An estimated budget should be established before opening an Advertising Job Request Form. Please confirm your budget with Jeff Ludvik. You will also need to know your cost code and account number for ordering.

  • It is university policy that all advertising be routed through University Marketing. University Marketing has the final approval on design and copy for advertising. Marketing has a branding for each school, so there is no need for us to design advertising or advertising templates. However, we are required to provide copy or copy points in Word only, which University Marketing will proofread and edit to university style.

  • Advertising for an event (except TV ads) should be requested six weeks prior from when you want to run the first ad, not six weeks before the event. Advertising for a program should be requested six weeks prior to when you want the first ad to run. Your copy/copy points and ideas of where you would like to place advertising should be decided at this six-week mark.

  • TV ads requiring producing a commercial can take four to sixteen weeks (writing, filming, editing, special effects, approvals, etc.). TV ads should be planned out a minimum of four months before you want to run the first ad. Keep in mind that you will need to buy the media time ($4,000+ for one run) plus pay for the production of the commercial ($4,000 - $12,000+).

  • If you are unsure of the type of marketing plan you should do for your event or program, the Advertising Job Request Form gives an option to request a marketing plan. You should request the plan eight weeks prior (five months for TV) to when you want your first ad to run.

Open an Advertising Job Request Form--NEED FORM/PDF INFO