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Leadership in Character Education (M.Ed) Faculty & Staff

Note: Regent will no longer be accepting applications to this program as of Summer 2013.

1000 Regent University Drive, Administration Building • Virginia Beach, VA 23464

Featured Faculty:

Dr. Helen Stiff-Williams

Helen Stiff-Williams, Ed.D.
Program Chair & Professor

ADM 207

Dr. John Hanes

John C. Hanes, Jr., Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

ADM 243
757.352.4889, FAX 757.352.4247

Dr. George Selig

W. George Selig, Ed.D.
Distinguished Chair of Educational Leadership

ADM 207
757.352.4137, FAX 757.352.4318



Admissions Department

ADM 266
888.713.1595 | 757.352.4479
FAX 757.352.4147

Jenny Kenner

Jenny Kenner, Advisor (M.Ed.)

ADM 266
757.352.4340, FAX 757.352.4147

Elizabeth Pulley

Elizabeth Pulley, Advisor (Ed.D.)

ADM 266
866.402.9938 (toll free)
FAX 757.352.4147