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Ed.D. Higher Education (TAR) - Dr. Shauna Tonkin

Dr. Shauna Tonkin has served as faculty member and administrator at Regent University since 1994. She helped to create the Center for Teaching and Learning (www.regent.edu/center) in 1998 and served as its executive director until 2004. In that role, she pioneered a collaborative approach to curriculum development, which has been adopted throughout the university to produce innovative educational programs for on-campus and online settings. Dr. Tonkin has directed an array of faculty development programs, and advises faculty and administrators on issues of teaching and learning in the global economy.

Dr. Tonkin’s research interests include leadership, teaching and learning, and international education. She teaches courses in leadership, curriculum development and instruction, and teaching improvement in traditional and online classrooms. She regularly presents on these topics to national and international audiences. Dr. Tonkin earned an Ed.S. and Ph.D. in educational leadership at the College of William and Mary.