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Application Process - Doctor of Education (Ed.D)

Scroll down to review each portion of the application process, or use the links below to go directly to a specific step.

Step 1: Application

Submit your application using our Regent University Online Application.

Note: If you are unable to complete our application due to a disability, please contact our Admissions Office and an admissions representative will provide reasonable accommodations to assist you in completing the application.

Step 2: Application Fee

Option 1: Pay the $50 application fee online during the application process, via our Miscellaneous Payments Form, or by check or money order mailed to Regent University, Enrollment Support Services, 1000 Regent University Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23464.

Option 2: Attend a Graduate School of Education on-campus or online information session to learn how to streamline your application process, discover financial aid resources, and waive your $50 application fee. RSVP Today!

Step 3: Official Transcripts

An official transcript from each institution you have attended is required. We are excited to offer you the service of requesting transcripts on your behalf using our Transcript Request Form.

* Please be aware that it usually takes about one month to process a Transcript Request Form and receive a transcript from the issuing institution. However, it may take longer in some situations. It is ultimately the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that all transcripts are received by Regent University. With this timeline in mind, we do not suggest using this service within one (1) month of a term start date unless you have submitted unofficial transcripts in addition to your Transcript Request Form.

Step 4: Recommendations

Submit our Online Recommendation Forms to provide us with contact information for each of your recommendations. We will use this information to contact each recommender and provide them with the appropriate recommendation form.

Step 5: Current Resume

Provide a professional résumé of employment and accomplishments, including copies of published materials. Email to or fax to 757.352.4725.

Step 6: Writing Samples

Educational/Professional Paper

Doctoral applicants are required to submit a sample of their master’s level work, a paper of at least five pages in length. Individuals that can no longer access their master’s level work may submit a professional writing sample of the same length or may compose an academic paper on an educational topic.

Educational/professional papers should be emailed to

400-word Writing Sample

In addition, Doctoral applicants must submit a second writing sample which will be evaluated using the ETS Criterion Service. Please submit your second writing sample using the directions below.

  1. Start at the following webpage:
  2. Click “Go to Criterion Student Website” (in blue at the bottom of the page).
  3. Click “Register (I am a new user)” and enter your access ID and password.
    • Access ID: Semester and year you are applying (no spaces, no capitalization). For example “fall2010”
    • Password: education
  4. Click “Continue”.
  5. Create a User Name and Password.
  6. Click “Create Registration”. You will then be redirected to your home page.
  7. Choose one of the three writing sample topics provided. You will be provided with the question pertaining to the topic you choose once you begin the timer for the essay.
  8. Read the instructions for submitting your essay. Please keep in mind that you have 40 minutes to complete your writing sample. You will receive a warning when there are 10 minutes remaining on the timer.
  9. Click “Continue” and begin typing your writing sample.

***The font used by ETS is different than that used by word. Some functions, such as the Tab, are disabled. If a function is disabled just continue with your essay. Do not try to compensate for the disabled function or your essay will be marked with errors by ETS (i.e.: do not press the space bar 5 times for a Tab, just don’t Tab).***

Step 7: GRE Scores

Arrange to have official GRE scores (no more than five years old) sent directly to Regent University. Regent ETS code: 5135.

  • For more information or to register for the GRE visit

Step 8: Admissions Interview

If an interview is necessary, the admissions office will contact you to schedule an appointment. The interview can be conducted on-campus or over the phone and typically takes about an hour.