SOE Alumni - Lorri Wilke

Lorri Wilke, Regent Graduate, 2012
Lorri Wilke
Educational Therapist
Regent Graduate, 2012

Lorri Wilke, a graduate of the M.Ed. Individualized Plan - NILD Educational Therapy track, began her work in educational therapy very close to home—working with her daughter. She chose to hone her knowledge and skills through the partnership between Regent and NILD and shared the success story of one of her students to help stress the importance of educational therapy. Lorri says, "from the professors to advisers to support staff, my experience has been extremely satisfying, and I highly recommend the program to others."

Victoria's Success Story

Victoria began working with Lorri Wilke in November of her junior year of high school. She struggled with various memory deficits, handwriting, and math. Within weeks, there was marked improvement in Victoria's handwriting. Five months later, Victoria took the Iowa Test of Basic Skills, which she has done every April since 5th grade. While the therapist certainly expected to see improvement in her scores due to 5 months of educational therapy, she was startled by the outstanding results. Victoria's math composite score had increased a full 22 points and her overall composite score had increased by 15 points- and after only 5 months of therapy. She also gained considerably in Science and Social Studies. Her Language scores, which had previously been good, increased as well, as had her confidence in her academic ability. Victoria's family intends to continue her educational therapy through the rest of high school, expecting that she will be more than prepared to enter a 4 year university upon high school graduation. The only regret is that they had not known about educational therapy sooner.

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