SOE Alumni - Christopher Slater, Ed.D.

Christopher Slater, Ed.D., Regent Graduate
Christopher Slater, Ed.D.
Talent Development Officer
Dept. of Transportation
Regent Graduate, 2009

"Fifteen years ago, I was making $600 a month wiping oil leaks in a cold engine room on a big Coast Guard ship in Alaska. Now I am the Talent Development Officer for the Office of the Secretary of Transportation in Washington, DC. I serve the learning and development needs of over 900 people in a politically charged, funding deprived environment. I specialize in finding talents within the talent, encouraging growth, and providing career and personal guidance to make people happy to come to work. I strongly believe that I have landed where I am because of my spiritual beliefs, ambition, and the initials Ed.D.

Studying at Regent University has been one of the best decisions I have made. In the short time since graduating from the Adult Education program in 2009, I have moved into positions of greater responsibility three times, not including the position I held when I started the program in 2006. Adult education at Regent University is unique in that faculty demand autonomy from their students. If you come from a traditional educational setting, this paradigm will challenge every fiber of your soul. Anyone can get a degree when the professors guide your thoughts. The value of a Regent University School of Education degree is the critical thinking skills that you will gain; no stone is left unturned. Every theory you know, every belief you held, and even your faith, will get stretched to the limits."

View Christopher's dissertation abstract here.

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