SOE Alumni - Mike Myers, Ed.D.

Mike Myers, Ed.D., Regent Graduate
Mike Myers, Ed.D.
Dayspring Christian Academy
Regent Graduate, 2012

My experience with Regent University goes back to the early 1980s when my wife and I were attending a 700 Club retreat and I heard about the newly formed CBN University (now Regent University). The Lord touched my heart and I decided to take a couple of courses in the summer of 1984 to see what this Christian graduate school was all about. By the end of that summer, I knew God was calling me to complete my graduate studies at Regent. To make a long (but thrilling) story short, the Lord opened the door for my public school district in Pennsylvania to grant a sabbatical leave for me to attend a newly formed, Christian university in Virginia in order to receive my required supervisory credentials as science department head. No small feat! I graduated from the School of Education in 1986 and headed back home to Pennsylvania.

Along the way toward my master's degree, the Lord radically changed my heart regarding education. I came to realize that I had a very secular view of education and that God's Word offered keen insight into God's plan and prescription for passing truth from one generation to the next. My heart literally pounded with excitement as God began to pour vision into my heart concerning a truly Christ-saturated, biblically based education for children and young people. In 1987, the Lord used me to start Dayspring Christian Academy, a Principle Approach school in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

My Regent story doesn't end there, though. In 2008, I entered Regent University's doctoral program in Christian Education Leadership. Because of how God used Regent to literally change the direction of my life in the '80s, I felt compelled to return there to complete my formal education. Part way into my course work, I discovered I had prostate cancer. My advisor, Dr. Cox, urged me to stay the course, which I did. God sustained and blessed through all the trails and treatments for the cancer. In May 2012, I graduated with a Doctor of Education in Christian Education Leadership.

Today, after 26 years, I am the healthy headmaster of a thriving Dayspring Christian Academy. Furthermore, in keeping with its stated mission, Dayspring has given birth to the Remember America Center, a cross-generational outreach for preserving and proclaiming the truth of America's Christian founding and gospel purpose. Finally, I am now an adjunct instructor in Regent's School of Education. My prayer is that the vision, academic preparation, and lifelong relationships I received through my Regent University education will reap great benefits for the kingdom of God.

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