SOE Alumni - Roxie Godfrey, M.Ed. & Ed.D.

Roxie Godfrey, Ed.D., Regent Graduate
Roxie Godfrey, Ed.D.
Virginia FCS Teacher
of the Year, 2009
Regent Graduate, 2005

Meet Regent graduate Roxie Godfrey, the 2009 Virginia Association of Family and Consumer Sciences Teacher of the Year. Godfrey's subject matter covers just about any and everything related to the domestic arts and sciences-from culinary arts and food preparation to international hospitality, life planning and careers in related fields. "It's also about relationships," says Godfrey, who won her award for an ambitious project she initiated at her high school in northern Virginia.

"My field is about everyday living," says Godfrey. "And 'everyday living' in today's world involves living and working with people from other cultures and traditions," she says, noting that students from over 60 different nationalities attend her high school. Godfrey's project, "Celebrating My Heritage," had students researching their family histories down through the generations, sharing recipes and traditions from their native countries and creating multi-media presentations to help educate themselves—and others—on the world outside the doors of their classroom. "It was just incredible," says Godfrey. "It really brought students together."

Godfrey has nothing but praise for the experiences and training her Regent education made possible. "Another teacher was going through a major university's online program for her graduate degree and she and I were both amazed at how much more personal and individual my program was," says Godfrey who not only received her master's from Regent but was also in the university's first doctoral program cohort in education. "A Regent education will open up doors for you," she says. "It certainly has for me."

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