SOE Alumni - Pam Erickson

Pam Erickson, M.Ed.
Pam Erickson, 1997
Vice President of
Procurement & Corporate
Operation Blessing

Pam Erickson has always had a heart to serve people. A graduate of the Regent University School of Education, she spent her early years teaching, caring for and shaping young students, all the while developing a passion to help others. Today, Pam lives out that passion on a daily basis, serving as Vice President of Procurement & Corporate Relations for Operation Blessing (OB), a position she's held for the last 18 years. Pam started at OB and quickly developed the organization's Gifts-In-Kind (GIK) program, acquiring donated food and relief supplies and distributing them both domestically and internationally. To date, the GIK program has handled more than one billion pounds of donated food, medicine, hygiene items and other relief supplies, allowing Operation Blessing to love and care for countless families in need around the globe.

Pam's life reflects her work, and in 2013, her love for people produced her first book, You First, Me Second: Getting To The Heart Of Social Responsibility. The book is a collection of stories from her life which reflect the incredible impact of putting others before self. The teacher in Pam, which is woven into the very fabric of her being, is on full display in You First, Me Second, demonstrating both the characteristics and practical application of servant leadership and how it can completely change communities. Pam credits her time spent at Regent University for her love of teaching and lifelong learning, but it was the time spent in her reading classes that cultivated the storyteller in her. The stories in Pam's book are the result of nearly two decades of living a selfless life, and are a direct reflection of Pam's heart for people. Her ability to communicate the message of love and compassion to those she meets is the driving force behind the success of the GIK program at Operation Blessing, and the reason so many lives have been touched by the resources OB has received.

Pam's M. Ed. from the Regent University School of Education ('97) has served her incredibly well in her time leading OB's Procurement & Corporate Relations team. Each day she and her team are tasked with advocating for those who cannot speak up for themselves. Pam's training at Regent (Individualized Program) equipped her to create and trademark 'Donorology,' a GIK curriculum, which teaches other non-profits how to build relationships in the corporate world, while serving as advocates for those in need. The principles of 'Donorology' have been implemented around the world, laying out a clearly defined structure for non-profits to enhance their efficiency and build stronger donor relationships, resulting in greater community impact. Pam's care for people is grounded in her love for Christ. She is a leader who is changing the face of hunger around the globe by returning smiles of hope to the people she serves. Her desire is to bring honor and glory to God by living out the servant-leadership principles exemplified by Christ.

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