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Center for Renewal Studies

Center for Renewal Studies

Director's Welcome

Welcome to the Center for Renewal Studies!

The central concern of the Center for Renewal Studies is “renewal”. That means, we are joined by a shared dedication to the work of the Holy Spirit in our midst, in our disciplines, our vocations, our schools, our work places, our churches, and our homes. Some call this a concern of the Pentecostal and Charismatic movements. We call “renewal” a concern that should concern, well, everyone.

The motto of the Center for Renewal Studies is “transcending boundaries—bridging publics.” Our primary objective is to overcome the isolation of church, academy, and society in order to encourage and stimulate a broad discussion on renewal in its manifold forms. We endeavor to learn what stimulates renewal, what encourages and motivates its reception, what makes renewal work and what does not, what results from renewal and how those results can be joined together for something greater than ourselves.

The Center for Renewal Studies is a cross-over organization that promotes the mutual exchange of ideas across disciplines and across publics. We do this through a resource center, a public blog, sponsorship of professional events, a public lecture series, and the exchange of visiting scholars. Those who have attended these events and made use of our resources can perhaps be identified with a few words:

  1. We are curious because renewal has many elements that are not yet explored.
  2. We are interdisciplinary because renewal is not limited to one single perspective.
  3. We are motivational because we want to encourage others to participate in the study of renewal.
  4. We are ambitious because the scope of renewal far exceeds our individual competencies.
  5. We are visionary because we see in renewal a promising path for the future of church, academy, and society.

The Center for Renewal Studies contributes to these goals in some measure. I hope you find that our work truly transcends boundaries and bridges our worlds. In the end, we hope not only to offer a clearer understanding of renewal but also to stimulate such renewal in our lives.

Wolfgang Vondey, Ph.D.
Director, Center for Renewal Studies