Financial Award Application

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  1. Be sure to complete this form in its entirety. When you are finished, click the "Submit" button at the bottom, wait for the Preview Page to load, review your responses, and then click the "Send Form Now" button at the top of the Preview Page. When you see the "Thank You" page, your application has been sent.

    There is no way to save your progress, so be sure to review the form and gather any necessary information before you begin. You may find it easier to write your essays in a word processing program and cut and paste them into the proper text boxes. Also, ensure that your Internet connection is not interrupted.

  2. Please note that the FAFSA is required for need-based awarding, if you are a U.S. citizen or permanent resident. Non-citizens (and Ph.D. students) will submit a budget worksheet in place of the FAFSA.

    In previewing the application, you will see all questions including the budget worksheet. This step is only necessary for international and Ph.D. students.

  3. Some applicants may also need to submit additional paperwork.

    If you apply for certain discounts or tuition-matching grants or scholarships, you may need to submit additional paperwork related to those programs.

    For example: The Church & Seminary Matching Grant requires the completion of the Church & Seminary Matching Grant participation form [PDF]. Students must re-submit the participation form each semester they wish to receive the award.


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If you are a current student or new student who has already received your Student ID, please enter it below.

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Note: The awards committee weighs heavily initiative demonstrated in this area.
Master's Level Divinity Awards and Grants

Financial award applicants will be considered for scholarships based upon the university's available resources and applicant qualifications (see list of qualifications), financial need and academic merit. All awards are subject to availability of funds. Regent University reserves the right to adjust, revise or discontinue aid programs without prior notice.

Doctoral Level Divinity Scholarships

Please select all that apply. To select more than one, hold down the Ctrl button on your keyboard when you click to select.

* Church & Seminary Matching Grant requires the completion of a participation form [PDF].

Financial Award Application Essays

The Divinity Financial Awards program is highly competitive; therefore, the essays are a vital part of the application and must be included for the student to be considered for an award. The essays will be judged on content, clarity and conciseness of goals, and each one should not exceed one page. Please copy and paste from a word processing program into the text boxes below, do not type directly into the boxes below.

The School of Divinity seeks to invest in students who demonstrate clear ministry vision and determination for high-impact ministry. Discuss your vision for ministry and indicate why you believe the School of Divinity should make a financial investment in your ministry training. Be sure to include how your seminary degree will assist you in pursuing your vision.

Careful planning is an integral part of graduate-level study. Please indicate in detail how you plan to finance your seminary education. Include all personal contributions and additional sources of aid that you plan to utilize in funding your program.

The FAFSA is required for consideration for Divinity Financial Awards for domestic M.A., M.Div. & D.Min. students. The FAFSA reviews your prior tax year. Is the FAFSA information a good indicator of your current financial status? If not, please explain why it is not and what has changed this year?

For new Ph.D. students: How do you anticipate contributing to the Regent University School of Divinity Ph.D. program in Theological Studies?

For returning Ph.D. students: How have you contributed to the enhancement of the Regent University School of Divinity Ph.D. program in Theological Studies?

Please include a CV including presentations, publications, membership and involvement in scholarly societies, and teaching experience.

Financial Award Worksheet (Annual Income)

This section is used by the Divinity Financial Awards Committee for need calculation. Please provide all requested information. If projection information is unknown, use estimates from cost of living information provided on the Divinity student sample budget, or you may use the cost calculator to get estimated numbers for this form.

This portion of the form will automatically tally for you. Please enter only whole numbers (no letters, commas or periods). For entries which do not apply to you, please enter "0."

(Line 1)
Financial Award Worksheet (Assets)
(Line 2)
Financial Award Worksheet (Estimated Annual Living Expenses)
(Line 3)
Financial Award Worksheet (Total Tuition and Book Cost)
(Line 4)
Calculations Worksheet.
Net Income: 0 (Line 1 from above)
Add Assets: 0 (Line 2 from above)
Sub-total A: 0  
Subtract Expenses: 0 (Line 3 from above)
Sub-total B: 0  
Subtract Tuition and Books: 0 (Line 4 from above)
Sub-total C: 0  
Statement of Understanding:

I have read the Divinity Financial Awards website, and I affirm that all of the information is complete and reflects truthful disclosure to the best of my knowledge. I agree to provide proof of all disclosed financial information if requested to do so by Regent University. I realize this may include a copy of my U.S. and/or state tax return, current/past bank statements, and other asset/liability records. I also realize that I may be denied financial aid if this information is not provided when requested.


IMPORTANT After you click the "Submit" button below, you will see a Preview Page, which allows you to review your responses and make any necessary changes. Once you are satisfied, please click: "SEND FORM NOW" at the top of the Preview Page. Please be patient as the Preview Page loads.

This form is for applicants who are seeking School of Divinity financial awards only. This application does not cover federal loans, private loans or military discounts. Divinity Awards will automatically be renewed for a period of three years for Master of Arts students and four years for Master of Divinity students.
This form is submitted over a secure connection, we respect your privacy.
All information on this form is confidential.

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Ken Gosnell, M.Div. '06

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