Non-degree Cost Calculator

Select a program and campus below to see the cost and fees estimate. These costs are calculated per semester. This information is provided for your convenience in estimating tuition and fees for non-degree courses, but this should not be considered a guarantee of total cost. More information about costs and fees can be found on the Business Office website.

  • General Non-degree (1, 3 credit course per semester)
  • Certificate Program (3, 3 credit courses)
  • Pastor's Program (limited to one class per calendar year)
  • Alumni Program (limited to one course per semester)
  • On-campus
  • Online Learning (distance)

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If you cannot pay for your tuition and fees all at once, we recommend signing up for the Tuition Installment Plan through the Business office. This plan allows you to stretch your payments over the semester by paying monthly. The Business Office will draft the payment plan according to your current balance, so you will need to contact them directly:

Business Office
877.850.8434 (toll free, US only)
757.352.4059 or 757.352.4346

Ken Gosnell, M.Div. '06

Ken Gosnell, M.Div. '06

Senior Director of National Programming, National Fatherhood Initiative

"The professors were sincere about the investment they were making in the students, and I really appreciated it as I was developing my worldview. I learned to think broader, deeper, more strategically than I ever had before."
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