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Admissions FAQ

How do I get a copy of your most recent catalog?

The Regent University catalog is an electronic document that is only available online. The university no longer publishes it in hard copy.

How do I request information about Regent for myself or a friend?

You may request information by completing this online request form or by calling 800.373.5504.

How do I arrange a campus visit?

Regent Preview, held each fall and spring for prospective students, is an excellent opportunity to become acquainted with the campus, students, faculty and staff, as well as to find out more about the School of Divinity.

If you would like to visit the campus and meet with a Divinity Enrollment Services Representative at another time, please contact our office toll-free at 800.723.6162 (Option 1) or 757.352.4016 to schedule your visit. Or feel free to complete this online visit request form.

What are the admissions deadlines?

You may apply for admission to the school at any time. To allow enough time to process your application, we recommend that you allow at least one month before your deadline to complete all of the admissions requirements.

You should allow for more time if you:

  • plan to receive financial aid
  • are not a citizen of the United States
  • plan to relocate to Virginia Beach
  • are applying for the Ph.D. program (may take 9 months)
  • are applying to more than one school or university
  • are applying for a joint degree at Regent

Please note specific deadlines in the admissions requirements for each program.

Things that may slow or delay processing your application:

  • requesting transcripts from other institutions
  • receiving your application materials through the mail (Many forms can be completed online.)
  • requesting faculty and clergy recommendations (Follow up with these individuals to ensure they have submitted the forms.)
  • incomplete or misinformation on your application (If you have not heard from us through email or a phone call, please contact us to verify we have correct contact information for you.)

How do I check my application or admissions status?

Throughout your application process we will stay in contact with you through emails or phone calls. Once you begin the application process, you will receive a Genisys login and password. You can use this login and password to check on your admissions status whenever you'd like. Or you can email us at:

When all your application materials have been submitted, we will contact you to schedule an admissions interview. It is important that you contact us if you feel your application is complete but you have not scheduled an interview.

Please review the application process for your program to determine if there are any application steps you have not completed.

Is there student housing?

Yes, Regent Student Housing is located on campus and offers a variety of apartment options for Regent University students. There are additional options for students who wish to live off campus.

Does the School of Divinity offer online degree programs?

The Master of Divinity, Master of Arts and Master of Theological Studies are offered completely online, with no required residency. They may also be completed on campus or with a combination of online and modular course. Students enjoy a high-quality, fully accredited distance education program that incorporates significant student and faculty interaction.

Online courses require no residency and are administered through Blackboard™, the distance learning platform utilized by the university. Modular courses are also completed as distance courses but do require students to spend approximately one week in Virginia Beach, Virginia, during the semester.

The Doctor of Ministry and Ph.D. programs are online with some residential requirements. (D.Min. - 7-10 day required residency each semester for the first five semesters, then completely online. Ph.D. - 2-week required residency every semester during the coursework phase of the program.)

What are modular courses and what is "modular week"?

A modular course has both on-campus and online components. For Virginia Beach modular courses, the on-campus component is completed during an intensive one-week residency or during weekend sessions.

Modular courses also require work both before and after the on-campus session(s), which comprises the online component. This may include pre-readings, written assignments, online interaction, etc.

The School of Divinity holds some modular week at various times throughout each semester, as determined by professors and listed on the course schedule.

How many credits should I plan to take my first semester?

Full-time students should plan to take between 9 and 12 credits in their first semester. Part-time students should plan to take between 3 and 9 credits. It is important to become familiar with graduate level work before taking on a heavy course load. Students are encouraged to coordinate with their academic advisor.

How do I contact a student, staff member or professor?

To contact the School of Divinity, use the information on the contact us page.

To contact the admissions office, call 757.352.4016.

To contact a faculty or staff member, visit the Faculty/Staff section for a listing of contact information. You may also search for an e-mail address using the university database.

Regent University does not provide student contact information to the public.

How do I access the Academic and/or University Calendar?

The School of Divinity's Academic Calendar is available on the School of Divinity website. The University Calendar is also available online.

Who should I contact for information about Financial Aid?

For information about student loans or endowed university-wide scholarships, contact the Central Financial Aid Office (757.352.4125) or visit their website.

The School of Divinity also offers a variety of scholarships and discounts. For information, please visit the Financial Aid & Award page. After reading this information, feel free to contact Enrollment Services if you have questions.

In addition, find more information in the Financial Aid FAQs »

What are the Admission standards (requirements)?

View the admission requirements for your program on the Admissions page.

How do I apply?

On the Admissions page, click on your program for a checklist of procedures and instructions on how to apply.

What degree programs do you offer and what is a Joint Degree?

Visit the Degrees page for information on all of the School of Divinity's degree and non-degree programs.

What courses will I be taking?

To view a listing of all courses for each master's level degree program, visit the Degrees section of this site. You may also access complete course descriptions in the latest online University Catalog.

How much is tuition?

Tuition per credit hour for our master's and doctoral programs can be found on the Tuition & Financial Aid page. Tuition per semester or year can be calculated by multiplying the number of credits in which you will enroll by the per credit tuition cost. Additional student fees will be charged in addition to the per-credit-hour cost on a semester or yearly basis.

Do I have to buy a computer?

In general, on-campus students do not need to purchase a computer. The university provides ample on campus computer facilities (labs) for student use. Distance students will need to have reliable access to a sufficient computer to complete their course work. This is fully explained on the Computer Standards page.

How long will it take me to complete my degree?

Master's Level (M.A., M.Div.)

The length of time to complete a degree varies according to how many credit hours a student takes each semester. Factors such as full-time employment, family responsibilities and involvement in ministry usually influence this as well. Typically, students complete the Master of Arts in Practical Theology (M.A.) or the Master of Theological Studies (M.T.S.) degrees in two and a half to four years. Students typically complete the Master of Divinity (M.Div.) degree in three to five years.

Students have five years to complete the M.A. and M.T.S. degrees and seven years to complete the M.Div. degree. Students who need to take longer must submit an academic petition to the academic dean for approval.

Doctoral Level (D.Min., Ph.D.)

Doctor of Ministry students typically complete their program within three to five years. Doctor of Philosophy students typically complete their program within five to seven years.

Is the School of Divinity accredited?

Regent University School of Divinity is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) to award master and doctoral degrees. Regent University School of Divinity is also fully accredited by the Association of Theological Schools (ATS) Commission on Accrediting in the United States and Canada.

How do I transfer credits from another school?

A maximum of 49 percent of the total credits of a student's Regent University degree may come from transfer credits earned at recognized regionally accredited graduate schools and ATS accredited seminaries. Requests for credit transfer will be considered by the School of Divinity on a case-by-case basis.

To request the transfer of credits, students must submit the Transfer of Credit Hours Request Form, available on the Academic Forms page to the Divinity Dean's Office.

What is Advanced Standing credit?

Advanced standing is credit granted to a student for appropriate courses successfully completed at another accredited institution. As it pertains to the School of Divinity, we will award advanced standing credit for upper level theology, Christian ministries and biblical studies taken in an undergraduate (bachelor's level) program. This advanced standing, awarded on a case-by-case basis, may allow a student to receive credit for up to 25 percent of his/her approved degree plan. New applicants to the School of Divinity may request to be considered for advanced standing as part of the admissions application and/or admissions interview.

If you have further questions about the School of Divinity's admission process or programs, please contact the Divinity Enrollment Services Office:
Phone: 757.352.4016
800.723.6162 (Option 1)

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