Joseph Umidi

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Published Chapters and Journal Articles

  • "Perspectives on the Coaching Movement," Ministries Today, July/August 2006.
  • "Apostolic Imagination" chapter in book series of Aligning with the Apostolic by Kingdom House Publications

Published Books

  • Transformational Intelligence: Creating Cultures of Honor at Home & Work, Lifeforming Institute, 2014.
  • Transformational Coaching: Bride Building that Impacts, Advances, and Connects the Ministry and the Marketplace. Xulon Press, 2005.
  • Confirming the Pastoral Call, Kregal, 2000


  • Discipleship Training Manual
  • Dreamfire Legacy Manual for Boomer Ministry
  • Professional Coach Training Manuals
  • Pastors-In-Residence Manual
  • Strategic Intercession for the 90's. Umidi Publishing
  • Avoiding Pastoral Pitfalls, a pastoral ethics leadership manual
  • New Testament Cell Life: Models for Impacting Our Times, a small group ministry resource manual
  • Equipping for the End-Time Harvest. Used for Leadership Training International (LTI)

Materials for Pastoral Seminars

  • The Ministry of Mentoring
  • Effective Leadership
  • Leader's Life
  • Biblical-Based Coaching
  • Family Life and Pastoral Care Ministry Principles
  • Avoiding Pastoral Pitfalls
  • Finishing Well