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Academic Papers

  • "Owen Barfield: Theology as Poetic Metaphysics," PhD thesis, 2014
  • "Theology Beyond Foundationalism: the Theological Oeuvre of Nancey Murphy," M.A. thesis, 2008


  • "Owen Barfield: The Truthfulness of the Imagination," Regent University, Imagination and the First and Last Inkling: A Conversation with Owen A. Barfield, Aug. 2014.
  • Grandson of Owen Barfield- Philosopher, Poet, Author & C. S. Lewis Confidant
  • "No Place for the Soul: a Critique of Catherine Malabou's 'Accidental' Ontology," St. Anne's College, Oxford University, The Soul Conference, 2013
  • "Owen Barfield and Martin Heidegger: Language and Poetics," King's College, London, Postgraduate Study Day, 2012
  • "A Theological Critique of Modern Science: Theology and Quantum Physics," Krakow, Poland, What is Life? Conference, 2011