The Church Education Initiative (CEI) was launched in 2010 by Regent University’s School of Divinity. It is an expression of our commitment to partner with the local church to train emerging ministry leaders for effective service in their local church and community. We do so in partnership with the local church by providing custom-designed curriculum that helps students:

  • Grow in knowledge and understanding of the Scriptures.
  • Sharpen critical ministry skills.
  • Discover and understand their unique calling and destiny.
  • Accelerate their spiritual and intellectual growth.

In keeping with Regent University’s mission to produce Christian leaders to change the world, CEI is designed to provide quality theological training in a local church setting which grounds, equips and matures emerging leaders for service in the local church.

Program Goals

Our prayer is that God will use CEI in partnership with the local church to advance His kingdom by equipping the saint to draw closer to God, better understand their unique calling and destiny, and find their place for effective service in their local church. We pray that our relationship will serve as a catalyst for growth and meaningful service by those we train. We will be better because we have partnered with you. More importantly than service, we pray that our partnership will draw each student into a closer relationship with Jesus Christ, and engender a contagious passion for the Scriptures and a renewed hunger to know God to the fullest extent possible.

Mark Batterson, D.Min. '12

Mark Batterson, D.Min. '12

Lead Pastor, National Community Church

"It was the beginning stages of the D.Min. program that really helped define my leadership gift and lay a foundation for what the Lord has done. It gave me the practical tools that I needed."
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