Certificate Programs


Certificate programs are designed for those seeking professional development through continuing education for ministers and pastors. These career development programs for ministers and church leaders allow students to receive meaningful education in a specialized area of focused study. Students earn graduate credit that can be applied toward a ministry degree program if further study is desired.

All certificate programs can be completed through a combination of online and modular course formats.

Certificates are available in the following subject areas:

Biblical Studies (3 courses)
Christian Formation and Spirituality (4 courses)
Church Leadership (3 courses)
Marketplace Ministry (4 courses)
Missional Discipleship (4 courses)
Practical Ministry (3 courses)
Worship & Media (4 courses)

Certificate students wishing to earn an academic degree must apply separately to that degree program and meet full admission requirements. Acceptance into a certificate program does not guarantee acceptance into a degree program.

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Certificate Program Application Process

  1. Submit Your Application
    Complete the School of Divinity Application for Admission.
  2. Submit Your Most Recent College Transcript
    Please submit a copy of the transcript showing the latest degree conferred. Send directly to the Enrollment Support Services Office (see address below).
  3. Pay Your $25 Application Fee
    Your application will be fully processed once we have received your non-refundable application fee. Mail a check payable to "Regent University" to Enrollment Support Services (see address below), or submit your payment online over a secure server.
  4. Mail all documents that are completed offline to the following address:

    Regent University
    Enrollment Support Services
    1000 Regent University Drive
    Virginia Beach, VA 23464 USA
    Phone: 757.352.4127 | Fax: 757.352.4381


Biblical Studies

The Certificate in Biblical Studies is a graduate-level certificate designed to provide basic understanding of the content and interpretation of the Christian scriptures. It emphasizes the importance of the biblical text as the revelation of God's truth to humankind. The certificate may be completed entirely online.

Complete three of the following courses:

BIBL 500 Principles of Bible Study 1
BIBL 504 Biblical Hermeneutics
BIBL 506 Introduction to Biblical Languages
BNTB 500 New Testament
BOTB 500 Old Testament

Christian Formation & Spirituality

The Certificate in Christian Formation and Spirituality (CCFS) provides non-degree seeking students with a rigorous yet practical program in Christian formation and spirituality for their own personal enrichment, in preparation for ministry and leadership, or as preparation for a master's degree program. It is the only existing master's level certificate of its kind in the United States that may be completed entirely online.

Complete the following courses:

SFRM 501 Spiritual Formation Foundations
PMIN 509/SFRM 509 Models of Biblical Discipleship
SFRM 510 Christian Spirituality
SFRM 601 Spiritual Formation & Community

Church Leadership

The Certificate in Church Leadership is a graduate-level certificate designed to enhance the skill level and focus of today's Christian church leader. It provides an important look at essential areas of leadership, discipleship, administration, pastoral care and conflict resolution. This certificate may be completed through a combination of online courses and modular courses offered on campus.

Complete three of the following courses: (all courses offered in online and modular format)

PMIN 509 Models of Biblical Discipleship
PMIN 511 Pastoral Care, Counseling & Conflict
PMIN 514 Christian Leadership Development
PMIN 515 The Ministry Leader: Lifestyle & Skills
PMIN 519 Church Administration

Marketplace Ministry

The Certificate of Graduate Studies in Marketplace Ministry will equip you with strategic business and leadership skills to help you integrate faith and work with purpose. Learn how to spread the gospel, develop other Christian professionals, and make a positive impact in your organization, your community and the global marketplace. Through the Certificate of Graduate Studies in Marketplace Ministry, you will:

  • View the contemporary marketplace from a Christian perspective and discover how to effectively integrate your faith.
  • Gain the practical knowledge and people skills required to motivate, coach and disciple those you lead.
  • Investigate organizational behavior and discover how it affects leadership effectiveness.
  • Learn how to develop an effective ministry-minded corporate or not-for-profit organization.
  • Explore evangelism, ethics and online technologies to mobilize leaders to transform communities, the marketplace and the nation.

Complete two of the following courses from the School of Divinity:

THEO 522 Christian Ethics
PMIN 509 Models of Biblical Discipleship
PMIN 600 Online Technologies & Digital Media in Ministry
ICSD 545 Intercultural Communication
SFRM 501 Spiritual Formation Foundations
THEO 505 Worldviews
THEO 506 Practicing Theology
BIBL 500 Principles of Bible Study 1
BIBL 510 Unity of the Bible

Complete two of the following courses from the School of Business & Leadership or the Robertson School of Government:

LMOL 602 Organizational Development: Consulting, Design, Intervention & Evaluation
LMOL 604 Motivation, Teams, Coaching & Mentoring
LMOL 605 Organizational Communication, Conflict Resolution & Negotiation
LMOL 606 Strategic Thinking, Planning & Organizational Change
LMOL 607 or MBA 621 Leadership, Technology, Job Design, Socio-technical Systems & Innovation or Innovation & Technological Success
MBA 630 Marketing
MBA 679 Business Planning & Launch
GOV 693 Managing Not-for-Profit & Faith-Based Organizations
GOV 694 Not-for-Profit & Faith-Based Organizations Fundraising Development
GOV 696 Special Topics in Not-for-Profit & Faith-Based Organizations Management

Missional Discipleship

Do you have a distinct calling to bring the message of Christ to the world - and to develop other Christian leaders to do the same? In partnership with the Master's Institute of Minneapolis, Minnesota, the Certificate in Missional Discipleship is a graduate-level certificate that addresses the challenges of missional discipleship, with a particular emphasis on Lutheran studies. Courses like Bonhoeffer and Life Together will challenge the way you view the fulfillment of The Great Commission and equip you with the biblical, historical and theological resources you need to lead others. This certificate can be completed entirely online or through a combination of online, modular and on-campus courses.

Complete four of the following courses:

BIBL 540 Promise, Covenant & Kingdom
HCHT 524 Luther: Person and Mission
HCHT 525 Lutheran Christianity
PMIN 506 Priests, Disciples & Mission
SFRM/PMIN 509 Models of Biblical Discipleship
THEO 518 Confessional Theology
THEO 527 Bonhoeffer and Life Together

Practical Ministry

The Certificate in Practical Ministry is a graduate-level certificate designed to encourage the practical application of Christian principles. Its specific focus is on personal growth in spiritual formation and discipleship as well as offering ideas for teaching these to others. This certificate may be completed through a combination of online courses and modular courses offered on campus.

Complete three of the following courses: (note the formats of each course)

PMIN 509 Models of Biblical Discipleship (online & modular)
PMIN 514 Christian Leadership Development (online & modular)
PMIN 553 Intercession as Ministry (modular & residential)
PMIN 574 Foundations for Ministry Coaching (modular & residential)
SFRM 501 Spiritual Formation Foundations (online & modular)
SFRM 510 Christian Spirituality (modular)

Worship & Media

Whether you're a pastor, worship leader or Christian music artist looking to enhance your knowledge in music, media and creative storytelling, Regent University's Worship & Media Certificate can equip you to develop creative approaches to worship. You'll learn how to access the tools and technology you need to support authentic worship in contemporary contexts while gaining sound theological and ministerial training. Courses offer training in:

  • Integrating software and web-based tools in contemporary worship
  • Incorporating psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs
  • Leading an effective worship team
  • Developing meaningful and purposeful liturgy

You'll also explore Internet, social media and mobile media marketing theories, strategies and tools to help you widen the impact of your worship opportunities.

Complete the following courses:

COM 607 Social Media & Internet Marketing
JRN 550 Journalism Technology Tools

Complete two of the following courses:

WSHP 527 Worship in Everyday Life
WSHP 528 Worship: Biblical Perspectives
WSHP 529 Psalms, Hymns, & Spiritual Songs
WSHP 530 Contemporary Worship
WSHP 531 The Worship Leader

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