Brian Miller

M.A. in Missiology, ‘04

"Opening his arms to Columbian street children."

When asked about the education he received at the School of Divinity, Brian replied that “it gave me great leadership tools I would need to work cross culturally and bring transformation by leading people to Jesus.” And it’s a good thing he felt somewhat prepared—because, upon graduation, he had no idea of the path that God would lead him down.

Years later, Brian and his wife, Katherine, find themselves living in Medellin, Columbia, where they have taken over direction of the Open Arms Foundation. When Brian first came on board, the foundation had already rescued 20 kids off the streets. Today, Open Arms cares for nearly 100 children between the ages of 7-17, including many girls who have been rescued from the exploitation of the sex trafficking industry.

In addition to directing the foundation, Brian has helped plant and grow new churches for Columbian refugees and currently teaches a pastoral theology class at a local Columbian seminary. To find out more about the Open Arms Foundation, visit them at: