Anthony Bass

M.Div. & MBA '08

"From winning NFL games to pursuing higher goals."

Growing up in West Virginia, Anthony Bass was a gifted athlete and fierce competitor. His tenacity and talent led to a scholarship at a small Florida college where he was known as a charismatic team leader. In 1998, Bass was signed as a free agent with the Minnesota Vikings. That year, the former #32 was a standout defensive back and part of the team's amazing 15-1 season. Off the field, he preferred a life of partying over mastering his potential. "I made some bad decisions back then," admits Bass. But the prayers of a persistent pastor not only brought him to Christ, but also helped him embrace his gift of leadership.

Now in his late-30s, Bass is pursuing a call in a different field. He completed his seminary studies, as well as his MBA, from Regent University in 2008. His goal is to help train and equip leaders to establish new churches and build communities. Bass says that through Regent he saw what it meant to lead like Christ. "Regent has an academically rigorous program, and the backgrounds and reputations of the professors here could have made it intimidating." Instead, he says they were an inspiration. "They hold you to a standard of excellence because it's a serious calling. But they lead as servants." And for Anthony Bass today, that's the real goal. As a divinity student at Regent University, he's not only following that call, he's following it in a very specific direction—helping to train and equip leaders to establish new churches and build communities at Calvary Revival Church in Norfolk, Va.