School of Psychology & Counseling

Degree Requirements -
Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology (PSY.D.)

In the School of Psychology & Counseling, our programs integrate scholarly and rigorous academic training within a Christian worldview to produce highly trained counselors and clinical psychologists. The curriculum is established to meet national accrediting standards and state licensure. For the psychology program, our degree requirements are as follows:

  1. A 3.0 grade point average and no grade in any courses below a B
  2. Completion of 121 credit hours with a fixed, full-time progression
  3. Library Research Course Completion
  4. Satisfactory annual performance evaluation issued by Psy.D. faculty
  5. Successful Completion of all Competency Based Probes
  6. Completion of the Clinical Training Sequence (preparatory labs, intensive practica, advanced practica sequence and pre-doctoral internship)
  7. Complete and pass the Doctoral Comprehensive Exam
  8. Acceptance to the doctoral candidacy program after completion of the first three years of the Psy.D. program.
  9. Completion of dissertation and successful defense of dissertation
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