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  • The purpose of the intake is to gather relevant data and make sound clinical decisions regarding the appropriateness of therapy, assess the best resource to meet the clients needs, determine if supplemental services are recommended, facilitate a clear understanding of the therapy process, and secure appropriate documentation outlining client rights and responsibilities.
  • The intake therapist will ask structured questions regarding the presenting problem and explore factors that could be impacting the situation.
  • Clients are invited to complete some paperwork verifying that they understand their rights and responsibilities (HIPAA forms, Informed Consent, etc.) during this time as well.
  • When the intake is completed, a clear course of action should be identified (e.g., individual therapy, group/family/couple therapy, assessment services, or a referral to another agency that better suits the client's needs).
  • The intake is usually scheduled for 1.5 hours.

Individual Therapy

  • This form of therapy focuses on personal concerns of the client. Topics of discussion vary widely. The most frequent presenting problems include depression, relationship concerns, and parenting issues.
  • Clients usually meet weekly for an hour session to determine key issues, work with the therapist to establish a course of treatment, and monitor progress toward established goals. There are a variety of therapy models.
  • The therapist determines the best approach and adjusts treatment interventions accordingly.

Group Therapy

  • Group services can be a primary source of care or used in addition to individual, family, or couple therapy.
  • Groups are an excellent venue to develop social skills, address feelings of isolation in problem management, and cultivate proactive coping strategies.
  • The group offerings are primarily given during the spring semesters and range in areas of interest.
  • Groups can be process-oriented, have a support base, or be skills focused. For more information offered at the PSC, please contact us a 352.4488.

Couples Therapy

  • This form of therapy is designed to address relational concerns between two individuals that identify as a couple or partners.
  • Oftentimes, married individuals seek assistance in the area of communication, financial management, intimacy issues, or child-rearing practices. Some clients are in a committed relationship that may lead to marriage and would like to prepare for the transition. Others are in a decision phase as to whether the relationship should continue and may seek a supportive forum to amicably end the partnership.
  • Both parties are expected to attend therapy sessions and may be asked to complete exercises outside of the therapy hour in preparation for the next session. As with individual therapy, there are differing models of couples therapy.
  • The therapist ascertains the most optimal model after assessing the situational variables that brought the couple in for services.

Family Therapy

  • Family therapy is a form of treatment that addresses the entire system - the family. Individual members are recognized as unique contributors to the whole system.
  • Influences such as family traditions, customs, styles of communication, and problem-resolution styles are assessed in light of the presenting problem.
  • Family members are invited to actively participate in sessions and support each other in the process.
  • Based on the issue of focus, the therapist partners with the family to reach identified goals.

Premarital Counseling

  • The PSC offers a variety of services including premarital counseling.
  • This form of therapy is designed to address relational concerns between two individuals that identify as a couple or partners and are not yet married.
  • Premarital counseling services are available to couples engaged in a committed relationship in order to address issues such as assessment of communication styles, values, and exploration of belief systems.

Psychological Evaluations

  • The PSC offers comprehensive psychological evaluations in a variety of areas including but not limited to the assessment of learning disabilities, interpersonal relational styles, and psychological disorders.
  • Testing services can be done alone or to augment therapeutic interventions.

Outreach Services

  • The PSC participates in a number of outreach events within the community and in partnership with national organizations.
  • People can request workshops, seminars or tabling events through the PSC Outreach Team (OT). The OT provides consultation and liaison services to each of the schools at Regent University. Services may include tabling events, seminars and presentations on PSC services as well as relevant psychological topics, and diversity outreach to the greater Hampton Roads community.
  • For more information on upcoming clinic events, go to the clinic events page.
  • To request outreach services, please contact us at


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