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Cultural Diversity Luncheon Series Schedule

One Continuing Education Hour is available for Cultural Diversity Series events.

Date/ Time

Title Speaker Location
10/1/13 Noon "Giving a Voice to Survivors of Domestic Violence" K. Knodel, A. Lepore, R.Stephens CRB 228
1/13/14 Noon "Working with Intercultrual Couples: Faith as a Foundation for Spiritual Renewal" A. Wantke CRB 227
Presentation to be Rescheduled
2/11/14 Noon "Eating Disorders in African-American Women: Myth or Reality" A. Shirokova & E. McSwain CRB 227
3/18/14 Noon "Youth Focused Sexuality Identity Therapy: Working Along-side Youth Who Experience Same-Sex Attractions" T. Morgan & e. Bucher CRB 227
4/3/14 Noon "Culturally Contextualizing Psychotherapy: Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral therapy for Restavek Children in Haiti: K. Knodel, K. Partridge & D. Walker, Ph.D. CRB 227

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