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Cultural Diversity Luncheon Series Schedule

One Continuing Education Hour is available for Cultural Diversity Series events.

Date/ Time

Title Speaker Location
Monday, October 6th, 12-1pm
Treating Obsessive Compulsive Disorder of a Religious Nature
Rebekah Kintzing and Tiffany Channing
Monday, November 3rd, 12-1pm
Actualizing Resilience: Older Adolescent Youth in Foster Care or Transitioning from Foster Care
Aryssa Washington, Caitlin Million, and Candyce Burke, MA
Monday, November 17th, 12-1pm
Socialization and Parental Attachment in Transracial Adoptions
Ashley Leary and Caitlin Million
Thursday, January 8th, 12-1pm
Prime for Life: An Evidence Based Alcohol Prevention Program
Debbie Savage, MA
Monday, February 9, 12-1pm
Marital Counseling with Multicultural Partners: Considerations and Techniques
Dr. Linda Baum, Ph.D., and Andrew Orayfig

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