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Regent University's Psy.D. Students Earn Prestigious Military Scholarships

In recent years, the Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology at Regent University has enjoyed a rich and significant connection with our nation's military. Located in Hampton Roads, Va., Regent's campus resides in an area with one of the highest military populations in the country. Along with a significant Navy footprint, the region hosts major Air Force, Marine Corps, Army and Coast Guard facilities. As a result, Psy.D. students have ample opportunities to work with active duty military, veterans and their families during their tenure in the program.

Doctoral students are required to complete a rigorous year of internship before graduation, and many of Regent's Psy.D. students, such as Rachel Lile (U.S. Air Force) and Topher Murphy (U.S. Army), have been honored to be placed into highly competitive military internships .

What sets Regent apart among other doctoral programs in the country is the number of students who have been awarded the prestigious Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP). These scholarships provide 100 percent tuition and fees along with a signing bonus, generous monthly stipend and a guaranteed job after graduation in exchange for one year of service for every year on the scholarship program to serve the mental health needs of our service men and women and their families.

Students apply for the scholarship during their second or third year in the five-year doctoral program and must select which branch of the service they intend to work with. Each branch offers a handful of scholarships nationwide annually. In the past six years, six Regent Psy.D. students have been scholarship recipients. Currently serving as a Special Forces psychologist, Maj. Ryan Trumbo ('05) was the first Regent recipient of the scholarship. More recently, scholarship winners Capt. Ryan Calhoun (intern at Walter Reed Army Medical Center) and Capt. John Pistello (intern at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base) have the honor of serving while still enrolled at Regent. About to begin their internship year are current students, Seth Bridges and Stephen Hughes, both commissioned into the U.S. Air Force as second lieutenants prior to their service commencing in June 2013. Most recently, Justin Steele was selected to receive the scholarship and was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the U.S. Army until he begins service as a captain during an internship next summer. 

Maj. Trumbo explains, "The military is a values-led organization built on biblical principles, like honor and integrity. What better place to learn than Regent where the same is true?"

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