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Experiential Workshop in Gestalt Therapy and Awareness

May 29, 2009

Dr. Benjamin Keyes
Dr. Benjamin Keyes, Program Director M.A. Counseling Programs

Dr. Benjamin Keyes, Professor, Chair of the M.A. Counseling programs, and founder of the Trauma Study Center at Regent University and Dr. George Jefferson, Associate Professor for the M.A. Counseling programs at Regent University for twenty-six years, will be presenting a workshop on Gestalt Therapy and Awareness.

Gestalt therapy is an existential and experiential psychotherapy that focuses on the individual's experience in the present moment, the therapist-client relationship, the environmental and social contexts in which these things take place, and the self-regulating adjustments people make as a result of the overall situation. It emphasizes personal responsibility.

Dr. George Jefferson
Dr. George Jefferson, Associate Professor, M.A. Community and School Counseling Programs

In this unique experiential workshop, Keyes and Jefferson will coach participants in the practice of Gestalt Therapy. Participants will learn by experiencing the techniques first hand.  This is an opportunity for those interested in expanding their counseling skills and work on personal issues in a safe, supportive environment.  The class is limited to the first 18 people who register.

Friday, June 26 from 1 – 9 pm and
Saturday, June 27 from 8 am – 5 pm

New Hope Christian Fellowship
5045 Indian River Road
Virginia Beach, VA 23464

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