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Center for Trauma Studies Summer Deployment

April 30, 2009

Children of JohannesburgThe Center for Trauma Studies is an assortment of licensed professional counselors and students within the School of Psychology & Counseling at Regent University who are dedicated to integrating their Christian faith with crisis intervention and trauma models for practical application in the United States and abroad.

From July 16th – July 30th, the Center for Trauma Studies' First Response Trauma Team will be working in Johannesburg, South Africa with the Basotho tribe living throughout Intabazwe and Qwa Qwa. This opportunity is provided through Thrive Africa, a Christian organization dedicated to fulfilling the mandate equipping South Africans with Godly truth as depicted in II Timothy 2:2 through outreach, discipleship and education.

This is especially important since HIV/AIDS is rampant and an unspoken taboo that has ravaged the region leaving one South African dead every minute. Among the women of South Africa HIV/AIDS infections are often the result of sexual assault. The trauma team will be the presence of Christ in an area where death, disease, and devastation are very real possibilities. 

Team members will operate as a mobile clinic taking trauma counseling into the villages, prisons, hospitals, and IDP camps in the area. They will also encourage the overburdened workers in the area and provide training seminars to teachers in the local school districts so that they can take an active role in restoring their communities. A research component will be employed to measure the team’s effectiveness, refine/develop future trainings, and publish scholarly works.

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