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School of Psychology and Counseling Professor Receives Faculty Excellence Award for Service

November 10, 2009

Dr. Judith Johnson
Dr. Judith Johnson, Professor and Psychology Program Director

At the November 2, 2009 Regent University quarterly Faculty and Staff meeting, Dr. Judith Johnson was awarded the Faculty Excellence Award for Service by Dr. Carlos Campo, Vice President for Academic Affairs.  Dr. Johnson is the acting program director for the Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology and the Clinical Training Director.  This award acknowledges a faculty member who exemplifies professional excellence and spiritual integrity,  and who has a significant record of university, community and/or national service while demonstrating leadership in his/her field. 

Dr. Johnson’s service record since coming to Regent is significant; she has actively and effectively served on school and university committees. Her role as Acting Program Director for Clinical Psychology and her impact on the enhancement of practica and internship offerings as nationally respected Director of Clinical Training are particularly noteworthy.  Other service to the university includes chairing the Human Subjects Review Committee for the School of Psychology and Counseling which safeguards those who participate in student and faculty research, and chairing the clinical committee for the Doctor in Psychology program which involves strategic planning and problem solving around practica and internship issues. Moreover, Dr. Johnson’s service beyond the University makes the Regent community nationally known. She is an ad hoc reviewer for several journals, serves as an invited panelist to review grants submitted to the National Defense Science and Engineering Grant committee, and her service as consultant and instructor for the Department of Defense helps improve the quality of military leadership for the U.S. Dr. Johnson’s contributions to service at Regent University are truly exemplary.

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