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Ph.D. Students and Faculty Present at ACES Conference

October 19, 2009

The Association for Counselor Education and Supervision (ACES) is a division of the American Counseling Association (ACA) which emphasizes the need for quality education and supervision of counselors in all work settings.  Through the accreditation process and professional development activities, ACES strives to continue to improve the education, credentialing and supervision of counselors.

The association strives to encourage publications on current issues, relevant research, proven practices, ethical standards and conversations on related problems. Persons who are engaged in the professional preparation of counselors will find leadership through ACES. The ultimate purpose of the Association, in accordance with the purpose of ACA, is to advance counselor education and supervision in order to improve the provision of counseling services in all settings of society.

ACES 2009 Conference - October 14-18, San Diego, CA

Theme:  Expanding Social Respect and Relational Consciousness

Regent faculty and students scheduled to present:

  • John Kennedy (07), Elisabeth Suarez, PhD, and David Savinsky (07):  “Using Zero Cost Technology to Build Cohesion in the On-Line Classroom”

  • Elisabeth Suarez, PhD, John Kennedy (07), Chris Hull, PhD (05), and David Savinsky (07):  “Promoting Transformative Learning”

  • Elisabeth Suarez, PhD, with Nick Ogle: “An Interactive Experiential Approach to Teaching Statistics and Research Methods”

  • Mark Rehfuss, PhD with Agatha Parks-Savage:  “Creating on On-line Program to Meet the CACREP Doctoral Program Standards:  Transforming Curricula to Meet the Needs of Domestic and International Students”

  • Mark Rehfuss, PhD with K. Evans:  “Strategies for Transforming Career Development Courses and Groups”

  • Mark Rehfuss, PhD with R. Trippany, N. Bondenhorn and L. Welfare:  “Best Practices in Online Counselor Training”

  • Stephen Parker, PhD:  “Faith Development Theory for School Counselors: Resources for Understanding Religious/Spiritual Identity in Children and Adolescents”

  • Stephen Parker, PhD:  “Faith Development Theory: A Growth Oriented Approach for Supervision of Spiritual and Religious Issues”

  • Ulla Dahlen (07):  "Expanding Social Respect beyond a Paradoxical Cultural Practice: Female Genital Cutting among Refugees and Immigrants in the United States"

  • Chris Hull, PhD, (05), Elisabeth Suarez, PhD and Marianne Miller:  “Addressing Spirituality as a Multicultural Competency in Counseling Supervision”

  • Angelia Dickens (05): “Supervisory Working Alliance and Supervision Satisfaction with Distance and Face-to-face Faculty Supervisors”

  • Christa Gambrell (07):  “What in the World is Going On: Counselors at the Bridge for Global Connection”

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