School of Psychology & Counseling

Faculty Bios

Olya Zaporozhets
(757) 352-4700
Ph.D. Counselor Education and Supervision, The University of Toledo
M.A. Counseling, Cincinnati Christian University
M.A. Ministry, Cincinnati Christian University
Specialist, Psychology & English, Melitopol State Pedagogical University, Ukraine

Areas of Interest
  • International Counseling Education
  • Chemical Dependency Counseling
  • Sexual Identity Issues
  • Measure Development
Licenses/ Certifications:
  • Licensed Professional Counselor (Independent Virginia License: 0701005536)
  • Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (Independent Ohio License: E.0800341)
  • Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor III (Ohio License #111029)
  • Certified Health Officer in Wood County, Ohio.

I enjoy teaching because I like to see the process of learning when students come from the point of confusion to mastery of new skills and knowledge that help them bring healing in the lives of other people. I enjoy investing into the international community as it creates a chain effect that helps people who otherwise would not be able to receive help. I also enjoy chemical dependency counseling. It is a challenging population to work with, it takes a lot of patience and ability to handle confrontation, but the observable change and impact on the life of the person is just stunning. My work with sexual identity issues is driven by the desire to do quality research that we lack in this area and compassion to someone who struggles with deep emotional feelings, faith, lack of support, and rejection. Measure development is another research passion of mine. The application of Rasch analysis in this area brings a fresh look into the way we see and conceptualize things and this process of creating a new measure is fascinating to me.

I am excited to help you grow and share with you my passion for the counseling profession and research. I appreciate the chance that you give me to invest in your faith, knowledge, and skill to become an agent of hope for people in your community.

Regent University