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Cassandra Page, Psy.D.

Cassandra Page, Psy.D.
Assistant PSC Director (2016)
Assistant Professor (2014)

Areas of Interest
  • Attachment-Based Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
  • Intersectionality
  • Minority Identity Development and Advocacy
  • Professional Development and Mentoring
Licenses/ Certifications:
  • Licensed Clinical Psychologist

My passion for clinical psychology was sparked in a high school psychology class and has continued to evolve since. I continued to pursue this passion during my undergraduate career at Pepperdine University. In addition to my family, I am indebted to my mentors and professors who encouraged me to further my studies in psychology. I happened upon the Doctoral program at Rosemead School of Psychology at Biola University. During my graduate school training, my love for psychology and helping the hurting became more defined as I realized gaps present in both counseling and training the culturally diverse. This lack of cultural competency fueled the research for my doctoral paper, Influences on the Personal and Professional Development of the Black Female Psychologist. Using the theory of intersectionality as a foundation, my research examined the combination of different racial, ethnic, and gender-identity constructs and their influence on the Black female's professional identity development in terms of mentoring, supervision, and mobility in the field of psychology. A charge I stated in my doctoral paper was that those who have attained success in the field have the responsibility to teach and to give back to the upcoming generations.

I intentionally sought and attained teaching assistant and leadership roles that allowed me to integrate multicultural competence into training experiences. Most recently I had the opportunity to complete my pre-doctoral internship in Salina, Kansas, where I served a variety of civilian and military clients in both outpatient and restrictive settings. During internship, I expanded my cultural competence through exposure to military and Midwestern rural culture, and can now officially describe myself as a California transplant with Midwestern values.

I maintained that one day I would fulfill my charge on a larger scale by returning to a Christian graduate school community that values their faith, the integration of it into their practice, and also recognizes and places great emphasis on the need for diversity training and mentorship of minority students in the clinical psychology field. Self-reflection, friendship, and God's guidance led me to pursue the assistant professorship position that recently opened at Regent University. Shortly after graduation, I was honored to interview and to be selected as an Assistant Professor at Regent University. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to continue to work with the graduate student population while also helping culturally diverse students succeed. I enjoy new culinary adventures, baking cookies, and traveling our beautiful country to visit family and friends. I am excited to begin my professional career in Virginia and look forward to exploring the history and beauty that the east coast has to offer!

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