School of Psychology & Counseling

Faculty Bios

Mark Newmeyer

Dr. Linda Leitch-Alford

Areas of Interest
  • Women's Issues
  • Clinical Applications of Faith
  • Ethical Decision Making
  • Counselor Professional Development
  • Qualitative Research Methodology

God does direct our paths and he has clearly directed mine to the field of counseling, which is a profession I love and am immensely grateful to for the countless opportunities it has brought my way. Christ came to earth as God Incarnate to show us himself in physical form. In the gospels we witness Christ interacting as counselor, teacher, and Lord. To sit in the counselors chair and work from a Christian perspective using sound clinical, ethical, and biblical understanding takes well-developed training and continual applied diligence in the areas of personal, professional, and spiritual development.

Training: I have been privileged to have excellent training. My undergraduate education in Bible, my masters in counseling, and my doctoral level work in counseling, supervision, and psychology have all added pieces to my work with clients and students.

Clinical Experience: The first step in my post-degree journey as a professional counselor was my 23 years of full-time clinical practice. My clinical work often involves women's issues but also has included men and couples who choose to work with a female professional. Gifted adolescent girls who are struggling with the difficulties and pressures of giftedness also find their way to my office. Another area of specialization is my work with cross-cultural dynamics including immigrants and those who have lived abroad ("Missionary Kids"/"Third Culture Kids", Missionaries, Diplomats, etc.).

Individuals of Christian faith who want a counselor who can understand, integrate, and support their faith journeys, while they are working through their everyday life concerns, have frequently found their way to my office. When clients ask for Christian faith to be part of their work and I have the honor of being some small part of the healing process, I know I am in a sacred place.

Teaching Experience: My first taste of teaching/training counselors for licensure was during my doctoral work at Northern Illinois University. I knew then that I had landed on a wonderful next step for my professional career. Some additional adjunct work and three years of full-time in a masters only program led me to a desire to work with training counselor educators. At Regent, I have the honor of working with future counselor educators that will be the next wave of leaders in the counselor profession as they work through the church, in clinical settings, higher education, and around the world. This is indeed a privilege!

Professional Organizations: It is my belief that as Christians we need a gentle, grace-filled, and clear voice in our profession. My current involvement in the Virginia Counselors Association is a commitment to the profession at the state level.

Life: I love my professional work but balance is a must. Personal life for me includes my husband, two adult daughters and son-in-law. I love spending time with them. Additionally, I love to Kayak and/or just be by or in the water.

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