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Arlene Brown

Dr. Arlene Brown
Coordinator of Clinical Training
Assistant Professor (2005)
Clinical Instructor (2003)

Areas of Interest
  • Attachment and Relationship Issues
  • Children and Adolescents
  • Family Systems
  • Fatherhood

Love is to know the child within.
Jesus said unto them, "Let the children come to me; do not prevent them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these"-- Mark 10:14, New American Bible

Regent University provides me the opportunity to integrate those life elements that I hold dear: my faith, relationships, teaching and learning.

I held several positions in the juvenile justice arena prior to earning my Doctorate of Psychology degree from Regent University. Many of the youth that I came in contact with were classified as incoercible or delinquent. However, upon examination it was always discovered that these youth each had a story of neglect, abuse, abandonment or trauma that had caused them to be wounded. 
It was while working with these youngsters that my curiosity was peaked to learn more about the roots of their  "woundedness." It seemed that many of the parents and other adults that these youngsters interacted with were also wounded! Thus began my relationship with Regent and psychology. The years I spent as a student provided me the opportunity for a practicum in a homeless facility, a clinical experience in a child and adolescent residential facility, and an internship in a community-based, comprehensive system of care for children and families. These experiences developed a source of empathy within me for all children.

Upon completion of my internship in 2003, I was granted a post-doctoral/clinical instructor position in the Psychological Services Center (PSC).  In this role I was able to reconnect with my juvenile justice and community-based roots. This position also exposed me to a new opportunity, to teach at the graduate level to both doctoral and master's students.  In 2005, I became an assistant professor in the counseling program, teaching primarily Counseling Skills/Practicum, Family Systems and Child & Adolescent courses.

My belief is that each one of us is in a variety of relationships throughout our lifespan beginning with God and our family. The academic environment is one of those relationships: between professor and student, student and student, and with the academic community at large. Learning to accept one’s inner child provides for healing which permits a person to extend him or herself and develop healthy relationships: Love. My research interests are in the areas of attachment theory, relationships, clinical child and adolescent, the father role, and family concepts.
In my spare time, I enjoy participating in church activities, cooking, interior decorating, photography and walks on the beach with my husband. My favorite colors are turquoise and purple; however, my students would say it’s green!

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