Step 8: Enrolling for CES 701-704 Dissertation Hours


  • To begin your dissertation study and write the remaining two chapters of your dissertation within the minimum of 12 credit hours in which you must enroll.


  • Enroll in a minimum of 3 credit hours of dissertation per term.
  • Implement the dissertation project (e.g. data collection and analysis) you detailed in your proposal.
  • Work closely with your committee throughout the dissertation writing process.
  • Check the preliminary timeline you projected on the Dissertation Topic Approval Form and update it as necessary based on your actual progress.


Due Dates:

  • You can't enroll for CES 701-704 Dissertation hours until you achieve doctoral candidacy.

John's Experience:

John sets up a timetable with which to finish his dissertation. He keeps his committee members abreast of his progress and makes note of each of their suggestions in order to follow them. John also plans a weekend away with his wife and child at the end of each major goal he sets for himself. He stays in touch with his stress level and does things proactively to make sure he has time with God, gets enough sleep, eats well, and keeps a balance in his life.

Pitfalls to Avoid:

  • Avoid getting into ABD (all but dissertation) status by breaking your dissertation into subgoals with reasonable target dates.
  • Avoid losing your momentum by reaching out to others, such as those in your cohort, for encouragement and support.
  • Don't let your focus on working on your dissertation interfere with your relationships with family or friends. Isolating yourself can make finishing even more difficult.
  • Don't keep your committee members in the dark as you move through writing your dissertation, but also, don't send them copies too frequently.
  • Don't fail to follow through with suggestions from your committee.