Step 4: Finalize Proposal Manuscript


  • To prepare your final dissertation proposal manuscript in collaboration with your dissertation committee.


  • Read the Dissertation Handbook closely to make sure that your final proposal manuscript has all the required elements.
  • Be sure to do another search of current research on your topic, to be able to include any research that has emerged related to the topic since you wrote the first draft of the literature review in CES 700.
  • Use the dissertation proposal manuscript to make sure your APA formatting is correct as you launch the writing of the full dissertation.


Due Dates:

  • You must receive approval of the final proposal manuscript from all your committee members before you can proceed to set a date for your proposal defense seminar.

John's Experience:

John checks current research again to make sure his proposal manuscript reflects the latest research. He double checks the formatting for APA standards, and then sends it to his dissertation committee. His committee chair requests several changes to the manuscript, which John then adjusts and returns to the committee for approval.

Pitfalls to Avoid:

  • Check your references in your literature review to make sure you've used current and primary references.
  • Don't expect that you and your committee will agree upon a final manuscript with the first draft you submit. Be prepared to rewrite your manuscript several times to get the one you'll be using in your proposal defense.
  • Don't close your mind to constructive feedback and suggestions from your committee as you finalize the proposal manuscript.
  • Don't expect committee members to review electronic copies of your draft manuscript in just a few days; be sure to give them enough time to read and comment on each draft you send them.