Step 11c: Submit Final Manuscript to Regent Library


  • You follow the details of the required final printing of your manuscript that are contained in the Ph.D. Dissertation Handbook and complete the final step of the dissertation process.


  • Print out 5 copies of your dissertation manuscript on acid-free paper stock required by the Regent University Library for submission for binding.
  • Pay required fees to the library.


  • Dissertation Handbook, p. 18-19
  • "Thesis/Portfolio/Dissertation Approval Form," 3-part NCR form available through the Regent registrar's office
  • Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th ed.)

Due Dates:

  • You should submit the final copies of your dissertation manuscript no later than 12 weeks after the dissertation defense.
  • You must continue to enroll for at least one dissertation credit hour (CES 795 Dissertation Continuance) until the end of the term in which you have successfully defended your dissertation.

John's Experience:

John submits the final copies of his dissertation to the Regent library, feeling proud of all he has accomplished over the past four years. He realizes that the process doesn't have to be a painful one like the ones some of his colleagues went through, and that he can now tell other students in doctoral programs about his experience and encourage them, rather than alarm them about the process. John realizes he's learned a lot more than just what he's written in his dissertation!

Pitfalls to Avoid:

  • Not spending sufficient time and effort on correct APA format, especially the less specific guidelines such as using unbiased language and avoiding anthropomorphism, resulting in many rewrites and high copy editor costs; devote sufficient time and energy to reading the APA manual and using correct format.
  • Not leaving enough time for the copy editor to review your manuscript and edit it within the timeline (submit manuscript to library no later than 12 weeks after the dissertation defense); keep a calendar of all deadlines.
  • Don't rush through the final steps of the process and expect Regent personnel and the copy editor to meet unrealistic deadlines because you did not plan properly; keep a calendar of all deadlines.