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CACREP Quality Matters Program


The Regent University School of Psychology & Counseling provides leadership for exemplary educational programs. Its professional programs integrate sound practice skills, disciplinary competence and biblically based values to promote human welfare with a focus on service provision to individuals, family, church and community.

Master of Arts in Counseling Degree:

Curriculum: View course sequence and descriptions.
Length: 60 credit hours
Format: On-campus and Online
Results: Master of Arts in Counseling with professional counselor licensure eligibility.
Features: Majors in Clinical Mental Health Counseling; School Counseling; and Marriage, Couple and Family Counseling.

Interested in Becoming a Site Supervisor
for MA Counseling Students?

Why partner with Regent University?

  • Receive support for your agency from students trained in our CACREP-Accredited Master of Arts in Counseling program
  • Train students who will be employable in your agency
  • Regent University faculty and site supervisors maintain ongoing relationship to help students succeed
  • Students have a high degree of integrity and are committed to ethical practices

Benefits of a Partnership

  • Students are available to help with the infrastructure of your site
  • Students can be trained in the inner workings of a counseling site
  • Offer specialization for counseling students in areas that are your expertise
  • Invest in quality students, provide excellent training, and have more support available for your site's programs

What we need...

  • Licensed Site Supervisors willing to supervise students taking internship courses
  • Site Supervisors willing to supervise students taking practicum courses
  • Meet with students for weekly supervision (1 hour)
  • Ongoing Supervision of students' clinical activities
  • Practicum (100 hours over 1 semester)
  • Internship (600 hour minimum/300 hours per semester)
  • Midterm and final student evaluations
  • 1-2 meetings with Regent faculty during semester to assess students' progress

Contact us:

Dr. David Savinsky

Dr. David Savinsky
Clinical Coordinator

Karen Mercer
Field Placement Liaison

Karen Mercer

For more information: Site Supervisors "Quick" Reference for Masters Practicum & Internship



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