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Light illuminates and reveals what is present. A resume should reveal the purest essence of who you are as a professional. As representatives of Christ, our achievements should shine for all to see so that everyone will recognize God's work in our lives (see Matthew 5:16). Moreover, the resume must be truthful, error-free and focused in order to make a lasting and powerful impression on employers.

The following section contains articles and sample resumes for your benefit. Please note that you may NOT plagiarize the sources; every resume is uniquely crafted for the position you are seeking. There is no such thing as a "one size fits all" template in resume writing.

Sample Resumés & CVs

Master's Counseling Student Resume
(Notice the sections used, such as "Counseling Experience," "Professional Development," "Leadership Experience" and "Professional Portfolio.")

Psychology Student Resume

(Ideal for a PsyD student starting the program)

Crisis Intervention / Substance Abuse Counselor resume
(Ideal for M.A. students who need a functional resume)

School Counselor Resume
(Contains detailed descriptions of tasks and achievements. Original Article can be viewed Here)

Marriage and Family Therapist Counselor Resume
(Ideal for someone who has conference and presentation experience)

Navy to Civilian Resume

(Pay special attention to the "Qualifications" and "Professional Experience" sections. Original Article Here)

Ph.D. Counseling Psychology Curriculum Vitae
(Ideal for someone with a Doctoral degree in Counseling Education & Supervision)


CV Panel Discussion

Regent Faculty and Staff share tips for building an effective Curriculum Vita for mental health positions in education. Courtesy of the Regent chapter of CAPS (Christian Association for Psychological Studies).

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How to Fine-Tune Your Resumé (Wall Street Journal)

It's one of the first things people think to do after losing a job: quickly get a resumé into as many hands as possible. But career experts say doing so without a strategic plan is a mistake because it wastes time and energy and typically results in few callbacks.

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Six Tips for Following Up on Your Resumé

By Liz Ryan

Dear Liz,

I spotted what looks like the perfect job for me and I sent a résumé in to the company's online application system, as was required. But it has been a week and I haven't heard anything. Now I'm wondering whether I should have done more research to find an alternate conduit to the hiring manager, and wondering whether there are additional steps I can take to boost my chances of getting an interview. Any suggestions?

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