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Non-Institutional Aid - July 31 deadline

Virginia Tuition Assistance Grant Program (TAGP). Regent University participates in the Virginia Tuition Assistance Grant Program. Virginia residents who are enrolled for a minimum of 9 hours/fall and 9 hours/spring may be eligible for an award for up to three years of study. A recipient must be a Virginia-domiciled resident. Domicile is established by at least twelve months of consecutive Virginia residency prior to entering school , supported by actions demonstrating intent to remain in Virginia indefinitely. The amount for each TAGP award may vary per academic year. There is no TAGP for summer school. New Psychology & Counseling students should submit a TAGP application to the Central Financial Aid Office by July 31 (prior to August matriculation) to ensure timely processing of the total award package. If you are a Virginia resident, you must submit a TAGP application before you can be considered for any other institutional aid. Students must maintain a minimum of nine credit hours per semester in order to receive full TAGP benefits. Awards are made on an annual basis in the fall only. For more detailed information and a TAGP application, contact the Central Financial Aid Office.

Veteran's Benefits. Information concerning veteran's benefits may be obtained by contacting the Registrar's Office or by visiting the following website:

Psy.D. Students - US Air Force Scholarship The US Air Force is offering full scholarships to assist students during their last two years of graduate study (not counting internship). See flyer for more info.

Outside Scholarship Opportunities. Students are encouraged to pursue outside scholarship opportunities. These scholarships have early deadlines. Therefore, early application is essential. Any scholarship received must be reported to the Central and School of Psychology & Counseling Financial Aid Offices. Information may be found in your local library and online at or

We also encourage you to consider joining Zinch. This free service will help match you to scholarships, based on information you provide in your student profile. The website also offers various dollar-for-dollar matching opportunities. You can find out more information at

Employer Reimbursements. Students may be eligible to participate in their employer's tuition reimbursement program. To participate in this program, the student should provide a copy of the employer's reimbursement policy indicating the reimbursement percentage and a valid credit card number including expiration date at registration. Tuition payment is deferred until the last day of classes, at which time the student's credit card is charged for the tuition balance plus a $60 fee. This should allow ample opportunity for the student to receive reimbursement from his/her employer. If however, the employer reimbursement percentage is less than 100 percent, the University will charge the unreimbursed share plus the $60 fee by the normal payment deadline and the balance on the last day of classes. If the employer pays the tuition up front, the employer reimbursement may be treated as scholarship for loan purposes, thereby reducing the amount of loan funds for which the student may be eligible. If, however, the reimbursement follows the course completion (i.e., contingent upon a successful GPA), the reimbursement is not presently a factor in the loan process. Questions regarding employer reimbursement should be directed to the Business Office.

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