School of Psychology & Counseling

Financial Aid Eligibility

Financial aid is available only to full-time or part-time, degree-seeking students. Financial aid is not available for audited courses or to visiting students. Incoming students who are accepted on a regular or conditional basis and meet the scholarship qualifications for financial aid may apply for all categories of aid. School of Psychology & Counseling Institutional Aid is based on the following minimum number of hours. Exceptions may be granted via academic petition if a student is in his/her final year of school or while on internship.

Full-Time Minimums (All but Ph.D. Students):
Fall 9 hours; Spring 9 hours; Summer 6 hours

Part-Time Minimums (All but Ph.D. Students):
Fall 5 hours; Spring 5 hours; Summer 3 hours

Ph.D. Students – Full Time Minimums:
Fall, Spring, and Summer; 6 hours

Ph.D. – Part-Time Minimums:
Fall, Spring, and Summer; 3 Hours (unless completing Ph.D. dissertation)

Full time enrollment receives 100 percent of award; Part time enrollment receives 50 percent of award.

School of Psychology & Counseling Financial Aid: There are a limited number of need-based grants available – the majority of funds allocated by the School of Psychology & Counseling are in the form of merit aid. For cases of hardship, applicants may submit an application for need-based aid to be reviewed by the scholarship committee. Complete the application online here.

Regent Central Financial Aid:   This website offers important information on loans, disbursements, budgeting, deadlines, lenders, etc.

Completing the FAFSA online:

Searching for Outside Scholarships:

Veteran's Benefits:

Joint Degree Students

Scholarships and grants are awarded by the school in which the majority of the student's courses are taken per term. If a student wishes to change his/her joint degree status from one home school to another, the student must contact both offices of admission (in writing) to advise them of the intent to change the home school. Financial aid will be re-addressed per that school's policies, procedures and available funds. Students may begin a joint degree program in either school to which they have been accepted. Any student pursuing a joint degree with the School of Law may complete the additional year either in the beginning or at the conclusion of the three-year Juris Doctor program. Students who have completed their counseling courses will not be eligible to receive financial aid even though they may still be enrolled full-time in the other school.

Selection of Award & Scholarship Recipients

School of Psychology & Counseling awards and scholarships are allocated to students based on the policies and procedures contained herein and based upon availability. Applications for the limited need-based assistance are reviewed by the Financial Aid Committee, consisting of representatives of the Admissions Office and Dean's Office. For new students, merit aid awarding, if applicable, will occur in conjunction with acceptance to the School of Psychology & Counseling. For continuing students, awarding typically occurs in the summer prior to the upcoming academic year.

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