School of Psychology & Counseling

Employment Opportunities - Human Services Counseling

The primary objective of the HSC program is to provide communities, churches and work places with people who are skillful, caring, and can help develop the spiritual and emotional well-being of those with whom they interact. This degree will enhance your interpersonal relationship skills and may open opportunities in areas outside traditional counseling settings. Pastors, counselors in other ministry settings, and counseling positions in human services that do not require state licensure will enjoy the benefits of this program. The program is especially useful to those pursuing chaplaincy and is an ideal career enhancer, not only for the material learned, but because it is an earned master's degree that can be completed in just one year/ten classes. For this reason, the HSC provides a great route to advancement for the military, among other vocations.

Student Profiles: Karen Palmer
"I would recommend this program to anyone who wants a deeper understanding of others and of themselves."
- Karen Palmer

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